Why It's Time To Start Romanticizing Your Life


| LAST UPDATE 01/17/2023

By Christiana Holland
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We love our daily routine. It's our morning skincare, running a few errands here and there, and then doing it all over again. Still, it's easy to forget the small things that we used to cherish, and now it seems like a chore. It's time to start living in these moments again and not take anything for granted.

You might have forgotten, but you are the main character in your life. We take our lives for granted and see ourselves as born to carry out duties and fulfill certain needs. But, if you didn't already realize, we are in control of almost most things that happen to us. Besides the uncontrollable, it's important to make sure we are intact with reality, no matter what may come our way. Dr. Nina Vasan, Chief Medical Officer at Real, says, "Romanticizing your life is a way to explore mindfulness by being present in moments of your daily life. Through the act of romanticizing your life, you become more in touch with your actions, thoughts, and emotions as you go about your day."

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We might feel like something is missing, maybe a special someone or the perfect job, something to fill the void. But, in reality, it's all about taking what we already have and emphasizing it to the fullest. We have everything we need, and if that special someone does come along, then so be it! It's all about being mindful. Nina says this can be "incredibly beneficial." By enhancing our gratitude, we end up "ignoring the negative aspects of your life" and "reframing them into something more inspiring and meaningful," adds Poosh. Nina suggests focusing on "simple pleasures in your daily life and using those as a starting place to build ways to love yourself on a regular basis." There is no need to rush in the morning or for others over a casual day out. Skip the quick shower and indulge in a soothing bath filled with essential oils that have been waiting patiently in your bathroom cabinet. But this bath is not for an aesthetic Instagram story. Forget the technology for a second and stimulate the mind with an easy read outdoors. We tend to block out the world around us while our heads are staring down at our phones. You'd be surprised at the small things we don't appreciate enough.

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So, whether it's taking time out for ourselves, upgrading our routines, or building meaningful relationships with positive influences, romanticizing our life is easier than we thought. But it has to be done with the right mindset. This isn't about aesthetics, but the way we feel on the inside will most definitely portray how we are perceived on the outside...

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