How to Deal With Stubborn Spring Allergies


| LAST UPDATE 04/17/2022

By Alyssa Williams
spring allergy symptoms relief
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As Spring rolls around, Instagram feeds fill with pictures of blooming flowers and friends smiling in fields. But for some people, the blossoming of nature also signals the beginning of allergy season - the roughest time of year. For those who have itchy eyes and runny roses during the springtime, we have a few tips that may help relieve the symptoms.

Millions of Americans experience the discomfort brought on by seasonal allergies every spring. But the reasons for these allergies aren't always the same. Knowing what's triggering your reactions can help you avoid anything that could cause wet eyes and noses. Doctors or allergists can usually identify what you're allergic to by running in-office tests. Once the culprit is determined, you can then either steer clear of it or take OTC or prescription allergy meds before being exposed to it.

bedding pollen allergy relief
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However, the pollen that fills the air during the spring can sometimes be very difficult to avoid. In addition to taking medication, other ways to reduce your exposure to the irritating pollen caused by blossoming flowers is to limit its presence inside your home. Avoid leaving windows open as much as possible when you're inside so that the pollen doesn't contaminate the air in your home. But if you absolutely must, try opening the windows at night instead of morning, since pollen count tends to drop throughout the day. Also, make sure to regularly change your bedding since the pollen - as well as pesky dust mites - love to set up camp in the fabrics of those sheets! Another great way to minimize your pollen exposure is to take a hot shower and change your cloths after being outside for a few hours. This way, you can make sure there's no pollen left lingering on your body that could trigger allergic reactions.

But if no matter how hard you tried, you still find yourself itching irritated skin, a few natural remedies could come to your rescue. Consuming natural ingredients, such as butterbur, bimmine (a Chinese herbal formula), and even just really spicy food can all help relieve your allergic reactions. According to a 2010 study, breathing in eucalyptus oil can also be very beneficial for fighting off inflammation or asthma-like symptoms, thanks to its soothing effects. And, of course, oatmeal has always proven itself a good friend to irritated skin. But no matter what, try not to let spring allergies ruin your fun!

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