Stubborn Stress Sweat? No More!


| LAST UPDATE 02/21/2023

By Alyssa Williams
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Having to deal with stress isn't easy as is - but when sweat enters the equation, it's like adding a cherry on top of an already overloaded sundae. Taking care of anxiety? Tough enough. But pairing that with dampness and BO? No way!

Sweating isn't just for when you hit the gym - it's also your body trying to keep cool in stressful times. But what can we do about those sweat-stained moments? Our body has our back by safeguarding us from overheating -- so let’s recognize that and find ways to manage stress-induced sweating! When we're in a pinch, our bodies swing into action! Our amazing sympathetic nervous system revs up and sends out stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline to prepare us for battle. We can feel the physical effects of this response - including muscle tension, increased heart rate + blood pressure, body temperature elevation… and don't forget about those sweat beads popping up!

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Dealing with stress sweat can be a real challenge - regular glands release everyday perspiration that quickly evaporates, but apocrine glands work overtime when we're anxious and cause much stinkier secretions! It's made of fatty acids & proteins, which makes it stick around longer than typical sweat.

If the stress is getting too much to handle, Meghan Swidler has some sage advice--being proactive with your wellness routine can work miracles. Keeping our cool during tough times starts with curbing stress and making sure it never gets out of hand in the first place! This is definitely easier said than done, but no worries - here are a few tips to help you manage it. Throw on some jams, grab the fam or close friends and take a hot girl walk. Or if yoga's more your thing then try doing some low-impact exercises - trust us it'll make all the difference in lowering those frazzled vibes. Whether you want to journal, meditate/do breathwork, practice mindful eating habits with bae OR set boundaries & say no when needed: there are tons of methods that can help de-stress life so you don't feel completely overwhelmed 24/7.

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