Sync Your Cycle With Your Skincare – Here’s How


| LAST UPDATE 06/29/2022

By Lia Thomson
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Recently the idea that our workouts should be lined up with our menstrual cycle has been circulating around social media like crazy. And as it turns out, exercise isn't the only thing in our life that can be amplified by syncing it with our cycle. Here's how.

If we think about it, it totally makes sense to sync these two things up! After all, every week, our body and hormones are in a different stage, and these things affect our skin - so essentially each week, we may need to be using different products for different concerns. "Throughout your adult life, hormonal imbalances can spill out into physical issues," explained a leading expert in hormones, Dr. Martin Galy. One of these physical issues is acne, which typically occurs around the same time as your period.

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There have been a few brands trying to tackle this sort of treatment. For example, Faace, which focuses on their masks that are straightforwardly labeled, 'Tired Faace,' 'Sweaty Faace,' and 'Period Faace.' The founder Jasmine Wicks-Stephens explained, "As an all-female office, periods were often a topic of conversation, but we couldn't find anything that directly spoke to that concern and was really easy to use." That's why the 'Period Faace' included ingredients to reduce inflammation, soothe the skin, and reduce sebum production. But do external products really help if the root of the problem starts on the inside? 

Dr. Ifeoma Ejikeme, an advanced cosmetic doctor, revealed that our cycle has two major stages. "The first half is when your oestrogen [the fertility hormone] levels are highest, and generally when the skin looks its best – dewy, glowy (oestrogen helps the skin retain water) and more balanced." As for the other stage? "During the second half, after ovulation, is when progesterone starts to dominate, causing your oil-producing sebaceous glands to ramp up their activity. That glow can quickly turn into unwanted shine," she added. The solution? "I’m in favour of responding to your skin, because it’s dynamic. But if you’re trying to prevent acne, the most useful way is training your skin so that when those hormonal changes do happen, you’re less likely to break out." Stay tuned for more game-changing hacks.

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