Tabitha Brown Uses TikTok and Food to Build a Community

Luna Dawson

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Tabitha Brown's not only an incredible actress and social media influencer, but now a viral TikTok star, giving followers a daily pick me up. Having been named "the world's favorite mom," this beauty's revealed her best pieces of life advice.

Viral TikTok Tabitha Brown
Instagram @iamtabithabrown

Three years ago, Brown started a vegan lifestyle and took to social media to share recipes and connect with other vegans. "I never wanted to do videos," Tabitha admitted. "That's the honest-to-God truth."

Her daughter finally persuaded her to get on TikTok, and before she knew it, Tabitha gained over four million followers, showing off cooking tips and fun, relatable moments with her children.

Tabitha said that her experiences have taught her to "Be yourself, you are enough... I always try to make sure I tell others the same thing, because we are." As a mother and passionate woman, she wants to provide others with some joyful content and help us all to be our true selves.

"Food is family. Food is celebration. Food is the center of most things," Tabitha emphasized. "I always love to tell stories through food, sometimes cry through food." Brown has built an entire online community through by focusing on food, but it means so much more.

Food Community Tabitha Brown
Instagram via @iamtabithabrown

So, whether you're a foodie watching Tabitha's videos for some culinary inspiration or you just love the energy she brings, this wonderful woman wants you to "realize that food isn't just food, it's community, it's really part of us."