Things You Should Avoid If You Have Anxiety


| LAST UPDATE 03/09/2022

By Lia Thomson
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Ah, anxiety. Whether you experience it as a daily occurrence or every once and a while, it can totally be a downer. But there are some things that may be increasing anxiety without you even knowing it! Avoid these if you know that feeling all too well.

For starters, avoid not taking any me-time. If you aren't taking at least one hour out of your busy schedule to yourself, try and reconsider that. This is important because self-care is crucial for winding down and easing our minds, as well as our nervous system. Try taking a nice bath, doing some yoga, journaling, or making a healthy, delicious meal. Either way, it should be something that makes you happy, with no other distraction. You and your mental health should be a priority.

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It can be easy to overindulge in unhealthy meals when we are rushing through our day, anxious we won't have time to finish all our tasks. To avoid eating in ways that be harmful to the body, try to carve out the time to meal plan or prep a few ingredients. This way, when lunchtime rolls around, you won't immediately Uber Eat anything you see.

The third thing to stay away from when trying to reduce anxiety is social media. While it may feel good in the moment, our stress levels may be heightening as we scroll through TikTok or Instagram. Being exposed to so many people's lives can lead to unwanted comparisons and ultimately make us overthink about our own life, aka anxiety. Obviously, that's not a good feeling, so close the app and instead try calling a family member or friend. Or better yet, make plans to catch up at dinner or go out to watch a movie. Living life through the screen can be anxiety-inducing. Lastly, try to reduce caffeine consumption. While one cup a day may be okay, too many can eventually be led to the jitters. And no one likes having the feelings of anxiety linger all day. Try herbal teas or decaffeinated coffees. But of course, this is just our advice. We hope these tips help brighten your day like they did ours!

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