TikTok's 3-2-8 Exercise Method


| LAST UPDATE 05/04/2023

By Abby Wall
3-2-8 TikTok Method
Instagram via @fpmovement

TikTok may be our source for all things fashion, beauty, and current trends, but when it comes to fitness suggestions-we've been skeptical. However, when the 3-2-8 pilates method began aggressively taking over our FYP, it obviously caught our attention. And so we clicked...

With all the faux workout crazes on the internet and on TikTok, we had to proceed with caution. We really don't need a nontrustworthy exercise regiment that's going to land us with a twisted ankle or sore back. But luckily for us, the 3-2-8 method hit differently. Created by pilates and barre instructor Natalie Rose, this theory uses a much more attainable and healthy approach that doesn't require any workout machines. It "will leave you feeling snatched and strong," according to Rose, who also claims you will see results in three months.

3-2-8 TikTok Exercise Method
Instagram via @margo_reeler
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The 3-2-8 theory looks like this. Three days of weighted workouts, two days of pilates or barre, and an average of 8,000 steps per day. Using this approach to exercise will help balance out your workouts by encouraging you to use different methods in your fitness routine. It's easy to stick to the same workout routine, but with the 3-2-8 approach, users are trying something new weekly. Of course, everyone is asked to alter their exercise regimen based on their capabilities, but Rose has broken down the goals of each workout.

@natalieroseuk My not so secret method that will leave you feeling snatched & strong for 2023. Join us 🫶 #workoutchallenge #pilatestiktok #workoutsplit #homeworkouts ♬ Big Boys - cshsznxo!

To start, users begin with three strength workouts per week. Rose explains you can do one day of the upper body, one day of the lower body, and one day of full body exercises to achieve the "3" portion of the workout. She recommends focusing on compound exercises, like lunges or squats, and every 4 to 6 weeks, increasing the amount of weight you use. Rose suggests including two days of Pilates or barre on recovery days to activate and strengthen muscles that don't often get utilized in compound exercises. The low-impact workout is incredible for improving flexibility and mobility, as well as building core strength. And lastly, just walk! Rose recommends an average of 8,000 steps per day, which is great for both burning calories and enjoying the great outdoors! Time to try that 3-2-8 method!

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