Tips and Tricks To Declutter Your Digital Life


| LAST UPDATE 06/08/2022

By Lia Thomson
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Who isn't trying to organize their life? From cleaning out a closet to making our pantry look like Khloe Kardashian's, it feels good when the things around us are tidy and neat. But according to certified KonMari consultant Katherine Picott, we sometimes tend to forget one crucial aspect of our life to declutter: our phones. The handy dandy device is on us pretty much 24/7, so how can we forget to clean out old apps, remove past messages, and clear out unnecessary photos? Here's how to declutter your digital devices.

Since we don't see the messiness on our phones physically, it can be easy to ignore. But let's take a closer look and start with our apps. The easiest way to begin is to go through everything that's been preinstalled, like calculators, clock, compass, books, etc. If none of them suit your life, hold it down and say goodbye! The good thing is if in the future it's needed, the app store is a click away. Next, go through apps you have downloaded that you haven't used in ages... because do you really still need Temple Run on your phone?

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One part of our devices that is probably overfilled with information is our photos, videos, and voice notes. That screenshot of a product you wanted to buy 2 years ago is most likely unnecessary by now. It can be tedious, but it will feel amazing to go through all of it and delete what's no longer serving you. While that one may be harder, a simpler declutter idea is to go through your internet browser and simply exit out of all the tabs open. It can be too easy to have so many open on our mobile devices because they're not right there in front of us like on a desktop.

Lastly, organize your folders and the main viewpoint of your phone. The second it is unlocked, that's the first thing our eyes lay eyes on, so why not make it aesthetic and appealing? These tips are sure to make our phone's cleared out like everything else in our lives! Check out Picott's website for more hacks on how to get your life together! 

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