Tips To Help Start Your Morning Like a Boss


| LAST UPDATE 03/18/2022

By Lia Thomson
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Some of us have a hard time getting up in the morning, while the rest may be half awake and scrolling through their phone. Either way, it can be quite difficult to get the day started when the bed is just so cozy. But, as you might have heard by now, the way you start your morning will impact the rest of the day. With that being said, here are our best tips to help give you a morning routine you'll look forward to doing.

It's important not to just create habits you can get used to doing, but truly enjoy them. It shouldn't be dreadful to wake up each day. Every night before your snooze, think in your head (or write it down) a list of this that needs to be done the next day. Having it set up and knowing what needs to be accomplished will minimize anxiety and give you a few extra minutes of sleep!

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@nitsanraiter via Instagram
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If you are one of those people who can't use their brain until that morning coffee, try laying out the outfit you'll wear for the day the night before. This ensures a smooth sailing start where you're not frantically trying to decide which top matches with which bottom. Along with the clothes, try to prep your breakfast and lunch as well. Now we're not saying your omelet should already be cooked but instead cut up the veggies beforehand, or prep your salad lunch for work. You can even try and pack your gym bag for that post-work session. Fill a duffle bag with workout clothes, a protein bar, water, etc. This will make it less difficult to get yourself to the gym. Having all these things ready in the a.m. will make crossing stuff off your to-do list so much easier. Not just that but it will give you more time to do things you enjoy.

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Set up a coffee or tea station in your kitchen so each morning, you can look forward to drinking a delicious hot beverage as you prepare for the day. Take this time to meditate and possibly even squeeze in a quick journal entry. Try these hacks out, and hopefully your days will start looking brighter!

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