Tips To Stay Grateful During Difficult Times


| LAST UPDATE 11/20/2022

By Christiana Holland
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We have good days and bad days. Whatever may outweigh the other, we must learn how to absorb any information whenever it is thrown our way. Most importantly, it is vital not to look at the glass half empty. Life is not perfect, so embracing the positives can go a long way. Here's how!

Bad news can pop up at the most inconvenient times. That's the trick. Expect the unexpected. No one can predict what might happen, whether it's a pandemic, bad news, a minor, or even a global crisis. These problems can be personal or more general, but at the end of the day, we choose how it affects us. Sometimes there's no escape, and no TV show binge to distract you. So, when we feel like the world is crashing on our shoulders, small steps can switch things around, with emphasis on 'small steps.' This usually begins with overlooking everything and appreciating what we already have. The unconditional love provided by friends and family can go a long way. When life is interrupted, it can be easy to take the good things in life for granted. You might just be surprised how lucky you are.

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Note to self, note down the accomplishments. While others acknowledge our success, it's not easy to see eye-to-eye. Without comparison, look at where you were a year ago and see where you are today. Writing down the accomplishments, rewards, and growth can be a great way to reflect, acting as a simple reminder to keep going, no matter what obstacle you might trip over along the way. If you find yourself getting caught up in yourself, address those who contributed. We don't know what goes on behind closed doors, and that's the beauty of privacy. However, that being said, there is no harm in checking in on those who could potentially need a helping hand. Regarding what we have and don't have, we can effortlessly focus on the things we yearn to have - from starting a family to a career or something materialistic. There's nothing wrong with a little motivation, but avoid blocking out everything we already have. What the future holds is out of our control, so live in the moment. Last but not least, embrace every opportunity. Believe it or not, opportunities are rare, and we need to grab them while we can. Write down the things that inspire you to take on new goals, and take each day as they are. 

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Did you learn something? Trust us, your outlook on the world can switch overnight if you choose to ignore the devil on your shoulders. There's only so much stopping you from achieving self-gratitude and happiness. Whether these are physical or mental forms of action, stay confident. You got this.

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