Helpful Tips To Stop Procrastinating


| LAST UPDATE 01/23/2023

By Peral Simons
Stop Procrastinating Hacks Tips
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We've all been there. There's a daunting, overwhelming task to be done, and we'd rather do ANYTHING else than complete it. That is procrastination at its finest, the ability to distract ourselves with the most menial tasks just to avoid getting started on what we actually need to do. Is there hope for us procrastinators? Or are we doomed for a life of distraction and avoidance? Thankfully, there are ways to snap out of this lifestyle approach and finish those tasks on time. How is this possible, you ask? We'll explain it all right here...

First up, we have the to-do list. This anti-procrastination method has been tried and tested for many years, proving to be a handy tool for allocating time and ensuring the priority tasks are taken care of. Compile a list of all the tasks that need to be done for the day/week/month and leave a little box or space for them to be ticked off when completed. Truly, there is nothing better than the satisfaction of checking off a task - you'll be surprised at the chores you'll be willing to do to put that checkmark there! It can be successfully achieved on a laptop, iPad, or phone, but we recommend paper and a pen for maximum satisfaction! 90's style!

To Do List Hacks
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Another helpful anti-procrastination tactic is time blocking. The night before, before falling asleep, allocate your day ahead into blocks using paper or technology. Lay out your day from beginning to end in sections, giving all the important stuff equal attention. When you wake up the next morning, the day won't seem so daunting because you know there's enough time to do it all, and everything has its rightful place.

You can also take time-blocking a step further by setting a physical timer on the tasks. You can't just quickly check the latest offers on ASOS before finishing that report because you're on the clock, and the job must be completed before it beeps. These time limits will help ensure you don't allocate too much time to one task and not enough to another. If all else fails, a reward system can work wonders too! Get it done, and you get that bar of chocolate in the fridge! No arguing with that!

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