How To Use a Trampoline for an Easy At-Home Workout


| LAST UPDATE 01/10/2022

By Lia Thomson
trampoline at home workout
@thenessnyc via Instagram

Home workouts have become a go-to for most of us within recent years. With quarantine and work-from-home orders, we've been getting our sweat on in the comfort of our own homes. But, sometimes, the same routine can get boring. Lucky for you, the latest trampoline trend is both effective and super fun! Keep scrolling.

Jumping on a mini trampoline has recently become a popular way to get into shape. There have even been specific studios curated for trampoline classes! The Ness is one of those cardio-based studios located in Tribeca. One of the co-founders, Colette Dong, explained the benefits of this workout. She clarified that the type of trampoline required is known as a rebounder: "Rebounders are usually smaller and firmer, which allows for a better bounce when compared to a larger trampoline you might see outdoors," she explained. "It covers every single part of your body, and you can work up a massive sweat in just 30 minutes."

mini trampoline workout home
@thenessnyc via Instagram
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Not only will jumping up and down to your favorite playlist strengthen nearly all your body's muscles, but it will also increase your stability. "Although it does wonders for weight loss, the benefits you can't see are the most valuable," Dong assured. "It enhances motor skills and provides a mental release, and can help relieve symptoms of anxiety." By moving your body through rebounding, excess energy that has been built up inside will be released from the body. What a win-win!

Now that we've covered the fantastic benefits, what kind of trampoline should you buy? Typically a small one, so it can be placed basically anywhere. And Amazon has very good options! "You can do an entire rebounding session without getting off your trampoline, so as long as you can find a space to place the trampoline, you are golden," said Dong. This is why trampolines are a good investment for at-home workouts. Especially for individuals who find running too difficult. "Low impact is great because it protects your joints without sacrificing the work for your muscles." Check out The Ness for your very own 7-day free trial. And if that's not in the cards for you, just put on a comfortable outfit, turn up the volume to your favorite tracks - and jump!

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