The Truth About Water Flossing


| LAST UPDATE 05/19/2022

By Lia Thomson
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Who doesn't want a nicer and healthier smile? By now, we may all already know that the key to achieving that is by flossing. Since it ensures bacteria and food built up gets out of our mouths, preventing cavities and gum disease from happening. But is regular old flossing the only way to get healthy teeth? Maybe water flossing can take the job over. Here's what a dentist had to say about the tool.

"Everyone wants a whiter smile," Dr. Kevin Sands of Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentistry revealed. But to get that, you need to keep up with your routine yourself rather than just solely relying on your dentist. "The key to achieving and maintaining your pearly whites is your home oral hygiene routine. Most people brush and floss for the most part, but not everyone has jumped on the water flossing wagon," he said. Dr. Sands explained the benefits of the oral cleaning tool, "Water flossing can be very effective in dislodging food debris and surface plaque, which can absorb and stain teeth if not removed. This can be essential in helping maintain a clean, healthy, white smile."

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Okay - seems like water flossing may be a crucial item to invest in for our choppers. Especially since our toothbrushes are unable to get deep inside our gums and teeth to get a deep clean. But don't just toss out your regular floss just yet. Because according to the dentist, it is actually still needed since water flossing can't do all of the hard work on its own. "When performing your oral hygiene routine, you should floss to dislodge food particles and plaque, water floss to flush out the debris, and finally, brush to clean all surfaces and reap the benefits of the fluoride toothpaste," Dr. Sands advised. 

Basically, rather than use the water floss as a replacement, we should instead add it into our regimen. So, if you wanna impress your dentist and walk around with the best smile that anyone has ever seen, head on over to Amazon to buy a water flosser and upgrade your oral hygiene routine.

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