Understanding Energy Work and Its Limitless Benefits


| LAST UPDATE 04/10/2023

By Abby Wall
Reiki Energy Healing Remotely
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For those that are unfamiliar with energy work, let's break it down. If you've never undergone any spiritual work, you may have a few questions, but if you have an open mind and are ready to learn, energy work can only be a helpful tool for you. Sometimes all you need is one session, but for others, it's a lifelong practice; regardless, energy healing is for everyone.

Energy healing, or Reiki, is performed by a Reiki master who uses gentle touch (or none at all) to move healthy energies through one's body and relieve stresses, anxieties, and pain, and encourage health and positive energies. "Everything in life is energy," according to Reiki Healer Yisabel Zamora. "WE are energy, from the most basic matter that constantly moves and generates vibrations to our thoughts and emotions." However, he explains we frequently tend to create defenses to adjust to our surroundings, which results in us moving away from our truest form. The goal of energy work is to eliminate this disturbance in our energy and bring us closer to being properly aligned.

Reiki vibrational Energy Healing
Instagram via @alkhemizewithshereen
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For those interested, an expert in the subject will perform a Reiki treatment on you by channeling "higher vibrational energy through their crown chakra." The way it works is, the energy "flows through our bodies and out of our hands into the client's energy body/field," Zamora explains. However, not only can practitioners perform their work in person, but they have the capabilities to work remotely.

"Reiki healing is not confined by time or space and can be sent to anyone, anywhere, at any time," Yisabel explains. "Once the intention is set and the client is willing to receive it, the Reiki energy flows through the naturally existing energy currents to the intended receiver in the same way energy flows through a phone or Wi-Fi signal. The magic lies in the intent to send and the intent to receive." So, what she's saying is you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home! To prep for your online session, the Reiki practitioner just wants you to be open and ready to let go of any expectations. They also ask that you're honest and vulnerable during this personal process. Well, sign us up!

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