29+ Hilarious Valentine’s Day Fails That Are So Bad, They’re Good!


| LAST UPDATE 02/09/2023

By Genevieve Scott

Valentine's Day has become renowned for cringe cards, overpriced flowers, and personalized chocolates. But after seeing these rib-tickling photos, we vow never to let February 14th go unnoticed.

The Queen of the Throne

Who would've thought? The perfect solution to impress your lady on Valentine's Day - a brand-new toilet 'throne' (MLM pun perhaps intended?), available at the bargain price of just $498. Elaborate dinner?

funny valentines day failsfunny valentines day fails
@plum_moments via Instagram

Flowers? Nah, why not splash out and get her something she'll really appreciate: an accessory for a room no one else will ever see! Remember, ladies & gents, romance is best bought in bulk... and your wallet will thank you for it! Cheers!

Don't Get Stuck Holding the Bouquet

It’s always a good idea to be sure of the recipient before spending too much time or money on a Valentine’s Day gift. That ‘perfect’ bouquet may have been a great purchase, but much of that thought and effort can fall short if it gets fallen into the wrong hands.

valentines day flowersvalentines day flowers
@freddyplaysgames via Instagram

Unfortunately, the guy who bought these roses didn't exactly plan ahead for this awkward moment—that poor red rose bouquet was ill-received. He should have done his due diligence and helped him avoid that uncomfortable scene entirely. Any romantic gestures need to be carefully considered because things don't always turn out as expected!

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I Sloth You

This Valentine's Day gift fail serves as a reminder that although gifts make an easy answer to most occasions, miscommunication can still occur. In this case, the intended message "I sloth you" didn't quite hit the mark, instead coming off as a less-than-romantic statement of "I death you".

valentines day fails funnyvalentines day fails funny
u/Bad_Elephant via Reddit

While the intention of this cuddly bear was full of love and admiration, we are left questioning what exactly "I sloth you" is supposed to signify. As lovely and fuzzy as the sentiment may be, there's a reason why 'I love you' is a time-tested expression when it comes to meaningful displays of adoration.

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The Rush of Love

Nothing screams Valentine's Day louder than desperately cramming into a jewelry store with nine other men, all haplessly trying to salvage their romantic surprises at the eleventh hour. The insanity of these last-minute shoppers cannot be understated. The faces of guilt, the sweaty palms of stress. It all got a bit too much.

valentines day viral memevalentines day viral meme
@jamesdourney via Instagram

After frantically pondering over what would make their significant other the happiest, these oblivious partners were caught red-handed. Little do they know that no matter what they choose, everyone will have chosen something just as shiny. We can only hope these guys come out of their jam-packing experience better informed for next year.

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A Bouquet of Doom

If a dead bouquet of wilted flowers spells Macbeth levels of misfortune, then an unfinished heart of dying fauna should be enough to make your valentine shake in their boots. This grim centerpiece should have been the definition of sweet, yet it was scraping metaphors for disaster.

funny valentines day giftfunny valentines day gift
@danielle_despres via Instagram

When the lovey-dovey petals said "forever," the crispy stalks remained silent - just another reminder that gifts of flora might be as safe as it gets. But, they are still heavily dependent on the environment and its fragile nature. So this Valentine's Day, aim high with a fresh bouquet - and don't rely on spare change.

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From Fast Food To Romance

Those words 'candlelit chicken dinner' may have sounded romantic, but the reality of two chicken burgers from McDonald's barely scraping by certainly doesn't. Despite this, we can't say no to a budget Valentine's Day meal.

mcdonalds funny viral mememcdonalds funny viral meme
Angelika S. via Pinterest

However, we could definitely boost the romantic mood with a few small additions - to show that you did care enough to put some effort in: a tablecloth and just one real candle would do wonders here! It may not be luxurious, but if your special someone is worth it, then you'll surely find the cost worthwhile.

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Texting Too Late

This poor guy was so sure of his Valentine's Day text that he hesitated over it - imagine the horror when he learned that no matter how good his word craft might've been, it didn't count because he took too long. All the time spent perfecting the message was rendered moot when all he got in response was "Happy Feb 15."

texting fails funnytexting fails funny
@nanilov3 via Instagram

Even with the best intentions, this guy completely missed the mark, and everyone reading about it can practically hear the unimpressed sigh that gets let out. It's like a cautionary tale for all those wanting to impress their crush but just can't seem to get around to actually pressing send on the day. Better luck next year, dude!

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Discount Dilemma

This restaurant set out with a strong message of commitment, but it seems their offer may have been too good to be true. A 15% discount for girlfriends and 25% for wives seemed like the perfect way to celebrate loyalty, yet the 50% off deal when both significant others came in together paints a slightly different picture.

viral reddit thread funnyviral reddit thread funny
u/emansih via Reddit

Does this give two-timing men an opportunity to save some cash? Or is it just another way of alienating customers who were looking forward to being spoiled? Either way, it's not quite the pampering experience they promised – and diners are certainly not happy about it.

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The Dangers of Candy Hearts

We often hear that chocolates make the perfect gift, but one individual took his expression of love to a very literal level. Last year, seemingly in an effort to stand out and show the true depth of his emotion, he opted to give his beloved a heart crafted out of chocolate.

valentines day chocolatevalentines day chocolate
@jayneybee via Instagram

Although we can appreciate the sentiment behind it and appreciate his attempt at being original, it's probably best that we exercise more caution when gifting these types of edible hearts. After all, nothing says romance like biting into your partner's beating heart - an activity that is definitely better left to the imagination!

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Valentine's Day Baking Mishap

Knowing that her partner was expecting an extravagant gift, this woman sought to show how much she really cared by creating one from scratch. All of the chocolate chips and sprinkles certainly seemed like enough to provide a wholesome love at first - but before long, her baking quickly unfolded into a complete food marathon.

baking fails funnybaking fails funny
@lazygayboredtrans via Instagram

With only a fraction of the sweet snack left to deliver, she quickly resorted to a desperate remedy--a simple note with some cuteness--hoping it would make up for the missing pieces! We're not ourselves when we're hungry, so how could we take that out on our significant other? It is only right to fill the void before sharing the love.

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V-Day Card Gone Wrong

Nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" like a card telling your significant other they are being compared to a sibling. The questionable choice of words on this adorable card, "A Girlfriend is a Sister You Choose," implies an odd combination of familial affection and romantic entanglement.

hallmark card funny failhallmark card funny fail
u/ImagesOfNetwork via Reddit

While everyone loves feeling valued and respected by their partner, comparing them to a member of their own family sends the, um, wrong message. This, unfortunately, thoughtless greeting card highlights the need to think twice before buying cards off the shelf - extra caution is recommended if words have been provided for you!

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Typo Alert

Valentine's Day gifts can make or break a relationship, yet the amount of time it takes to pick out and personalize them can result in a last-minute scramble. Fortunately, online card and gift sites exist for desperate buyers who need the perfect present with just the click of a finger. But, one woman jumped into the process too fast.

type spelling fail funnytype spelling fail funny
u/kables via Reddit

Little else proves that proper care wasn't taken than accidentally sending your partner a generic item in place of the thoughtful gesture they deserved. There's no quicker way to be unimpressed with a Valentine's Day gift than discovering the sample text has been printed - so be sure to double-check to avoid any potential arguments!

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Dangerous Love

Oh, what an impressive gift-giving effort this was. This guy truly thought he had hit the jackpot with his purchase of rose-patterned bed sheets for his wife's Valentine's Day present. And at first sight, it probably looked like a nice gesture – after all, who doesn't love a floral design accompanied by some well-deserved relaxation?

valentines day bed failvalentines day bed fail
@gks1967 via Instagram

Unfortunately, closer inspection revealed that the 'bedsheet designer' hadn't put much thought into their vision; the 'roses' literally look more like body parts than floral detail. What better way to celebrate and demonstrate your love than choosing crime scene vibes as your gift? Let's just hope this was an early April Fool's gift.

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Ah, Romance

It is key to choose a thoughtful gift that shows your partner how much you care! Unfortunately, when it comes to Valentine's Day presents, one should steer clear of anything that may be interpreted as offensive. While the Slim Fast gift box might be appealing to some, it is definitely a bold move...

valentines day chocolate valentines day chocolate
@laurenharshman via Twitter2

Other items might seem creative, but they are surefire ways to ruin the day. It is best to stick to classic gift options - like flowers, jewelry, or chocolates - that are great ways of expressing your genuine love. Ultimately, there are some things better left out of Valentine’s Day gifting.

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Bare Minimum Love

Despite undoubtedly offering one of the most popular services at the bakery, customer service doesn't appear to be a priority. When this particular customer went above and beyond by creating the perfect message for her heart-shaped cookie, the least the bakery could have done was let her know when it surpassed the character limit.

baking fails funnybaking fails funny
@mo05hi via Instagram

Instead, they chose to package up using a bare minimum of effort, with no thought or consideration whatsoever - as if these tongue-in-cheek declarations only need to take up as much space as the moon in order to suffice! Clearly, an expression of love like that is more than worthy of more care and attention than this bakery afforded it.

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When Butchers Get Romantic

When it comes to focusing on celebrating love, it was only a matter of time before we knew butchers could get creative and bring their own unique spin to the day. While we certainly appreciate the effort put in, you can't help but feel a little underwhelmed at the sight of this heart-shaped piece of meat.

viral butcher failviral butcher fail
MADFOX via Imgur

Sure, the pink container does its best to convey 'romance,' but there's nothing like waking up with a box of chocolates or red roses! It seems this butcher may have been a tad over-ambitious in their adaptation of classic Valentine's Day gifts - After all, raw meat will always mean just one thing - dinner!

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Pillow Fiasco

This Valentine's Day gift blunder is the kind of error that makes you question everyone involved in its production. How could it have been taken from the design stage to sale on a store shelf without noticing something was wrong? For starters, the designer had one fundamental job - to print a very famous phrase.

valentines day pillow ideasvalentines day pillow ideas
u/JaclynMeOff via Reddit

Someone needs to be held accountable for overlooking such an obvious slip-up, but who is responsible? Was there anyone tasked with quality control, or did everyone assume that customers would be too engrossed in sharing love with their other half to pay attention? One can only assume at this point.

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When Candies & Compliments Collide

This gift had so much potential to be the perfect present; 'I love you' written in the center of heart-shaped candies and a delicious treat on the inside. Unfortunately, it wasn't good enough. The expressional heartfelt words on this particular gift decided to take matters into their own hands by adding a themed compliment.

chocolate candy valentines daychocolate candy valentines day
@amymjjamymjj via Instagram

The only thing worse than the taste of these candies (which weren't great) is the overinflated $1 price tag attached, full of false promises. On this occasion, it seems clear that not all compliments are best advised, and some categories should remain off limits, such as mentioning smells - or any other features for that matter!

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Missing Letter

Missing one letter can make a huge difference, as this poor guy discovered. He somehow managed to go through life without learning just how important it is to check your work; if he had given his banner a once over before sending it off to be printed, he could have alerted himself to the missing 'V' and saved himself the outcome.

valentines day gift ideasvalentines day gift ideas
u/Joe2pointOh via Reddit

If his girlfriend has a sense of humor and finds it funny, that might actually be sweet - but odds are, no amount of charm will win her over with this one. No matter what happens here, one thing's for sure: triple-checking has become even more important in his life!

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Ultimate Dating Dealbreaker

It's easy for guys to get overwhelmed when it comes to selecting the perfect Valentine's card for a partner. Cutesy and sappy cards in various shades of pink can start to feel like an endless onslaught. But when our protagonist stumbled upon what he thought was the perfect card, his search seemed to have come to an end.

valentines day card ideavalentines day card idea
Betty Coleman via Pinterest

He should have realized that no matter how pretty the packaging, it is vital to also look inside! On opening this sparkling piece, his unsuspecting girlfriend got quite the surprise: a less-than-flattering reflection of herself, leaving our hero in an awkward spot. After all that tedious shopping, sometimes you just can't win!

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Snap & Share Hearts

It's a commonly-held belief that chocolate makes an ideal Valentine's gift, but this store display featuring Snap & Share edible hearts begs to differ. We just can't help but wonder who thought it appropriate to suggest such a seemingly deceptive gift right before a day that is meant to be all about love and affection.

funny valentines day failsfunny valentines day fails
u/CoachVegaReport via Reddit

When looking at this embarrassing mishap, we can only wonder if the buyer of the gift was trying to hint at something else. Fortunately, there are plenty of other ideas that would be more suitable for Feb 14th, so let's try to steer clear of these sabotaging candies for the sake of romance - or whatever your relationship requires.

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When Skywriting Goes Wrong

Our next romantic went above and beyond for V-Day last year. In an effort to send the most epic declaration of love ever, he shot a message into the sky. Talk about living large! "Go big or go home," he thought, before splashing the cash on this skywriting plane.

valentines day skywritingvalentines day skywriting
@_.ttonetown_la via Instagram

He began with a bold, clear 'I,' and then the pilot proceeded to get a little too enthusiastic with the heart, leaving zero fuel for the most crucial part - the 'U.' Who or what does he love exactly? Perhaps we'll never know for sure - and his partner is just gonna have to take his word for it.

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Empty Love Metric

It was really quite a pity that the thing which should have been an apt representation of their bond was missing its most crucial component. After all, if one had been filled in, it would have offered a perfect quantification of the love they shared - how often and how deeply they had cared - but alas, that space was left totally empty.

valentines day cardvalentines day card
u/TheAwesomeFace via Reddit

It's almost comical how much this oversight speaks to them both being unwilling or unable to identify the importance of their relationship. If a number isn't filled in, is it even love? Judging by this card, we'd bet not. Perhaps we'll never know.

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Office Depot's attempt to hop on the Valentine's Day trend was a reach, to say the least. There seemed to be some grasp of what theme was needed for this holiday, as evidenced by their pink mouse and other offerings - although it just wasn't quite enough.

file for divorce valentines dayfile for divorce valentines day
u/SSJwiggy via Reddit

It's hard to go wrong with sparkly diamonds from Tiffany & Co. or a box of candies, but somehow Office Depot managed it with their 'file for divorce' manual. Thankfully shoppers were able to find an appropriate clichéd gift without having to turn there.

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Epic Chocolate Fail

Although we might prefer to buy our partners from the local market, it sadly doesn't work this way, and yet this grocery store sadly missed the mark. Who made this decision? Rather than a classic statement of affection, it looks like whoever said a picture speaks a thousand words must have been talking about this epic fail.

valentines day chocolate funnyvalentines day chocolate funny
@zombikittie via Instagram

It's almost too funny to think that this is an accurate representation of many of our current dating statuses. We'd all much rather prefer exquisite treats such as Godiva or Ferrero Rocher for our special someone next time February 14 rolls around; otherwise, we're just left helplessly staring at chocolate fails like this one!

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Hey, buddy, it looks like you missed the date. It's like they want people to experience disappointment, indigestion, and stomach pains after eating their thoughtful 'treat.' We'd skip out on these sweet treats, guys - even though they do look pretty delicious.

fruit chocolate valentines dayfruit chocolate valentines day
@ianjweldon via Instagram

There may be no other alternative come February 13th, but it would be prudent to wait until the last minute and make sure these gifts stay fresh and fit for consumption - lest we discover why too late in the night that this gift had so much potential... but was just one day off!

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All About the Puns

If this guy thought a single playing card and ten pounds of flour would sweep his partner off their feet, then he's sorely mistaken; shopping at the home brand store just isn't going to cut it in the romance department. Clearly caring more about the price than the sentiment behind the present, "petty" is too generous a word for him.

valentines day pun funnyvalentines day pun funny
@food_and_recipes_followme via Instagram

But maybe he literally planned for one card a year for the next 54 years? Romance isn't quite dead (and neither is an absurdity!), but what may have seemed like an amusing idea at first glance certainly won't be met with enthusiasm when it's unwrapped. At least bake something with the flour first!

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Lost in Translation

It looks like this guy got a little lost in translation when it comes to Valentine's Day, or maybe he's still feeling a bit embittered after taking an arrow to the heart. Either way, we can confidently assume he won't be sending any cards this year - looking at his grim sign, it seems he has no intention of celebrating!

funny valentines day signfunny valentines day sign
u/Grangee via Reddit

Who could blame him? After all, whether you embrace it or reject it, this usually-festive holiday just isn't the same if you don't have someone special to share it with. But happily ever afters aren't exclusive to February 14th, so we're sure this guy will end up finding love in due time.

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Mr. Clean

Carlton Cole's Valentine's Day present was certainly an unusual one, leaving us skeptical of his commitment to the holiday. Not only did the athlete gift his partner with a tray full of cleaning supplies and other household items, he seemed to be proud of it too.

carlton cole twitter viralcarlton cole twitter viral
@CarltonCole1 via Twitter

Who even knows if there's a diamond necklace under that iron? Judging from Cole's humorous post, we're not sure if he really does have a death wish or if he just has a perverse sense of humor. Either way, this is one lesson on romance that people everywhere are better off learning from rather than experiencing firsthand!

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20 Valentines

Yep, we've seen this before. Nothing says love and care like a mishap message, especially to 20 people. It can be an embarrassing experience, so when it comes to something as important as a Valentine's Day message, it's crucial to pay extra attention and make sure the right people are receiving it.

texting fail valentines day funnytexting fail valentines day funny
@f---upnightsfrankfurt via Instagram

Being vague just won't cut it; if you're hoping to throw out a "beautiful" compliment and attract 20 suitors, make sure you adapt your approach so that each person gets individual attention! An effective way of conveying your feelings is through a personalized message with thoughtful words - and not through a group chat of 20 flings.

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