Get Your Hands on This Celeb-Approved Valentine's Day Gift


| LAST UPDATE 01/26/2022

By Chloe Becker
Celebrity Valentine's Day Gifts
Instagram via @venusetfleur

Valentine's Day will be here before you know it, and we've got the perfect gift for your boo, galentines - or yourself (because you deserve it, duh). Aside from treating you and your loved one(s) to some sexy items from the Savage X Fenty V-Day Drop, we suggest you check out some eternity flowers from Venus Et Fleur. Here's the scoop on the long-lasting roses and why celebrities love them.

Roses are red, violets are blue, but most flowers wither within a day or two. But no worries, Venus Et Fleur is here to save the day and make sure all that money you spent on V-Day doesn't feel like it went down the drain! The luxury brand sells the likes of candles, room sprays, and bunches of baby's-breath. But their area of expertise is undoubtedly roses. And that's what celebrities love them for - it's hard to find an A-lister who hasn't at some point posted a shot on the 'gram of a box of Venus Et Fleur roses. From the Kardashian fam to the Hadids and Heidi Klum, the who's-who of Hollywood can't get enough of the stunning arrangements.

Eternity Roses Valentine's Day
Instagram via @venusetfleur
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And while we doubt our fave celebs are worrying about ballin' on a budget, their money is going a long way with these special roses. The brand's Eternity Roses "last more than a year with proper care," according to the Venus Et Fleur website. And yes, these flowers are 100% real. Buying fake roses for V-Day? No, thank you. The famous roses grow in Ecuador and are only clipped and shipped to New York and Los Angeles once they've reached their peak bloom. The delicate flowers are then exposed to a "proprietary solution" and color pigmentation process to keep their breathtaking beauty in place for as long as possible.

With these processes and proper maintenance, the Eternity Toses can keep their freshness and structure for over a year (which is basically an eternity in rose-years). And lucky for all of us, the gorgeous arrangements are currently available at Nordstrom. The luxury arrangements start at $44 - and baby, you're worth it.

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