These Vintage Decor Trends Are Taking Over 2022


| LAST UPDATE 01/23/2022

By Chloe Becker
Curved mirror trend, Instagram
Instagram via @wooderlands

It's a new year and the same old fabulous us! With the end of 2022's first month upon us, most of us have (hopefully) regained our post-holiday energies and are ready to take on what this year has to bring. And that means not only sprucing up our closets with this year's hottest trends but also giving our home sweet homes some loving. We've all been spending more time than we ever imagined in our houses over the last two years, so decorating has never been more important. Here are some interior decor trends guaranteed to revamp those four walls.

We've seen it on the runway and in street style, and now it's seeping into our interior decor: the '70s are back and better than ever. And we truly can't think of a better era to bring back during a time when so many of us are sitting on our couches for most of the day. These trends are filled with funk and color that brighten up any space. And first on our list of 2022's must-haves is one gorgeous - and affordable - item: candleholders. But we're obviously not talking about your average little home for those wax pleasantries. Give your living room, dining room, bedroom, or literally any corner of your house a glow-up with these vintage-inspired pieces. The curves and colors scream the '70s and style.

70s vintage candle sticks
Etsy via LovelyArtsyDesign
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Another one of our favorite trends sure to get more popular this year is the checkered rug. Many of us have been on the hunt for that perfect piece to tie our living room together while also making the space cozier. Safe to say, the checkered rug trend is the way to go. Forget your typical tiled checkered floors - this rug is giving the shag and warmth our spaces need while keeping our eyes entertained.

Speaking of warmth, we've all seen those fabulous Sunset Lamps taking over Instagram. But now that you've found that perfect lighting, it's time to get yourself a mirror to match. More specifically, one of those curvy mirrors that screams the '70s. It's practically a mirror that doubles as art, so really you're getting plenty of bank for your buck. Happy shopping! And when you're done, be sure to check out the fashion trends already taking 2022 by storm.

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