Why This Influencer Felt Guilty About Her Posts During Quarantine

Luna Dawson

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Like many influencers, Grace Atwood makes a living off her social media posts, her blog, and her weekly podcast. She even said herself, this 'career' looks like a walk in the park to her followers, but she spends hours on hours each day perfecting her content.


As soon as Coronavirus protocol went into full effect, "I was afraid of looking tone deaf and frivolous and of alienating my readers," Atwood explained. She still has a year-long contract with Sephora, requiring social media posts on specific dates.

The influencer did not have a choice as to whether or not she could continue posting her sponsored content due to her obligation to the company, although she felt insensitive encouraging people to buy nonessential products.


Before posting any of this content, Atwood explained the situation to her followers on her Instagram story. She was pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback, with comments like, "You are my favorite distraction" and other uplifting words assuring her that she's filling viewers' days with exciting content.