A Work-Life Balance Is Easier Than You Think – Here’s How


| LAST UPDATE 11/14/2022

By Christiana Holland
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It's essential not to spread yourself too thin. As we enter adulthood, we find ourselves accumulated with an abundance of unnecessary tasks that must be completed. Though it becomes a part of our routine, it's also essential we find time to wind down for a bit of self-care.

If you've settled into a 9-5 job, you might have found yourself filling in empty time slots with errands and laundry. When the day's work is done, our legs are jelly, and the couch is calling our names. And no, that doesn't count as downtime. Yes, some days are longer and more hectic than others, but focusing on time to do your own thing is important. By setting boundaries, we can ensure our batteries don't die. First things first, avoid any form of text message, email, or DM in the morning. Instead, prepare for the day ahead. Maybe make matcha, have a bite to eat, shower, and slip into something cozy. Only then those dreaded messages can be reckoned with. 

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If you're a Work From Home fanatic, it's never a good idea to stay in the slept-in pajamas from the night before. Although it's tempting, our minds will not fully wake up, teasing us to have a lazy couch day and be unproductive. If there's a 1 pm Zoom meeting, we aren't suggesting dressing to the nines, but a casual t-shirt and blazer won't hurt. Not to mention, weekend brunches are a great way to force oneself out of the house. Those pj's will still be there waiting when for you. Now, no matter how busy, breaks are vital. Our brains can become overwhelmed, which can only result in poor performance. Motivate yourself to get some fresh air or have a little small talk on the phone. Trust us, breaks are not the enemy. If sporadic breaks aren't your thing, try making a to-do list. A checklist is an underrated technique to prioritize tasks, especially when placed into categories. You will be surprised at what ends up being most and least urgent. Lastly, have something to look forward to in the evening. Whether this is a night out, in, a workout, or even with that special someone, take the time to prioritize these moments. If you don't, time can flash before our eyes before we know it. 

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We're not saying put our jobs to the bottom of the to-do list, but work hours exist for a reason. A healthy work/life balance has more potential than you think. And you never know, you might pick up a new hobby. Here are some more top tips on how to introduce new habits while saying bye to bad ones. (Thank us later.)

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