Meet the First Female Gold Medal Surfer Ever


| LAST UPDATE 07/28/2021

By Georgina White
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Instagram via @rissmoore10

The Tokyo Olympics have been full of firsts, including new events like surfing and skateboarding. And it's brought loads of fresh new talent to the international stage. But history has officially been made after Carissa Moore snagged the first-ever gold medal in Women's Surfing.

The 28-year-old Hawaii native couldn't hold back the emotions after her huge victory and took to Instagram to share some thoughts. "I woke up this morning and it wasn't a dream," the surfer wrote. "There are so many people that have played a huge role in making this dream a reality. I hope you know who you are and can feel my deep sense of gratitude for all the love, support and mana you have shared with me along the way." And though Carissa had loads to celebrate for herself, she also realized that this moment was much bigger than her.

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Ryan Pierse / Staff via Getty Images

"This was such a special moment for surfing," she wrote. "I'm so proud of all the athletes for how they showed up the last few days, put it all on the line, and shared our sport in the best way possible." And for Carissa, that meant putting in over two decades worth of passion into a few moments in Tokyo. Moore started surfing at the age of five and had devoted her life to the sport. From the young age of 11, she was already earning NSSA junior surfing competitions and went on to become the youngest Triple Crown champ when she came first in the Reef Hawaiian Pro.

carissa moore gold medal
Ryan Pierse / Staff via Getty Images

And this Olympic gold medal marks a new chapter in the surfer's career. But even in the international spotlight, the humble athlete gave the love right back. "This is for all of you. For the USA. For Hawaii," Moore wrote. However, her fans weren't keeping quiet when it came to praising the Olympian. "Congratulations Carissa, I'm so inspired," one user commented.

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Want to see more from this history-making athlete? You can check out her page and catch her riding the sickest waves on Instagram at @rissmoore10. And be sure to stay tuned for more viral Olympic news coming your way.