'Netflix & Chill?' Step Back into the '90s With 'Blockbuster & Slumber Party'

Genevieve Scott

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Long before "Netflix and chill" was even an option, our Saturday nights called for a trip to the store, as we picked up a chunky VCR, (heavily) buttered popcorn, and a Push Pop, or two. Of course, you already know exactly what we're referring to: Blockbuster.

Blockbuster, Sleepover
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Unfortunately for us, our childhood selves were hit hard, as the video-store chain began to shut down its stores nationwide, back in 2010... Lucky for us, we can now relive that sweet nostalgia thanks to the last surviving store. Here's what you need to know...

Blockbuster, Sleepover
Twitter via @airbnb

This nostalgic announcement will take us all the way to Bend, Oregon, as we take you inside of the last remaining Blockbuster store; And, well, it looks exactly like we last left it. Seriously, did we just step back into the 90s?

Blockbuster, Store
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But wait, it gets even better. If you're one of three lucky visitors, you'll also be in the for the sleepover of the summer decade. That's right, don't worry about asking your parents to rent that rated-R slasher film, because you'll be landing yourself the entire store.

Thanks to Blockbuster’s manager, Sandi Harding, and Airbnb, three lucky groups of four are invited to stay the night for a very exclusive 90s slumber party. Stacked with a cozy pull-out couch, all of the pizza and Raisinets (among other munchies) that your heart desires, and “new releases,” you’ll be in for one iconic night to remember.

Bed, Sleepover
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So, if you're free September 18th-20th and have $4 - "a penny more than what you would spend a for a New Release," as Sandi put it - what are you waiting for? You'd better get on booking, before someone else beats you to it.

Just promise us one thing: please, be kind, rewind.