Were They on a Break? David Schwimmer Finally Has Our Answer

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As our favorite group of friends will remind ya, breakups are brutal. When we weren't busy watching Chandler down an entire pint of "crappy" ice cream, we were busy being haunted by Ross and Rachel's season 3 blowout. Of course, you already know exactly what I'm talking about.

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It's the one Friends legacy that's been on everyone's minds since we watched a heartbroken Ross spend the night with "hot copy girl," Chloe: Were he and Rachel actually on a break? Well, wonder no more, folks, it appears we've finally got an answer.

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If you ask David Schwimmer, that is. On Monday, July 20th, the Friends star sat down with Jimmy Fallon for the latest episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Of course, the late-night host couldn't help but bring up the topic that "people are so passionately divided" about, as Schwimmer himself put it.

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"It’s not even a question," the actor revealed to Fallon. "They were on a break." I'm sorry to tell you, but if you're Team Rachel on this one, it's not only Schwimmer you'll have to convince otherwise.

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According to People, a study done by dating site PlentyOfFish revealed that 60% of people believed that Rachel and Ross were, brace yourself, on a break.

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While the rest of the Friends cast has yet to reveal their thoughts on the hot topic, maybe we'll finally get those much-needed answers during their long-awaited HBO Max reunion special, set to shoot in mid-August. Until then? I'd stay tuned if I were you.