13 Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try This Year


| LAST UPDATE 01/02/2023

By Genevieve Scott
Halloween Makeup Ideas
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Fall is here, and so is October. You know what that means- Halloween is around the corner! We're pretty sure everyone is as excited as we are! Besides choosing the perfect Halloween costume, makeup plays a huge role too. Our makeup ideas can fulfill your look even if you decide on a DIY costume. We know what you might think: 'I'm not an artist. How can I achieve my dream look?' Well, don't worry about it! All you need for these Halloween makeup ideas is the makeup you already have, maybe some fake blood and some neon colors, and of course, if you're a beginner, you'll also need to practice, as no one would be happy if they messed up their makeup look on the night of the party, right?

Cruella de Vil Makeup

Cruella de Vil is one of the most loved Disney villains. She scares everyone with her appearance, and if this is your choice, you're in the right place! You can be as stylish as her with simple makeup products. All you need is white face paint, green pigmented eyeshadow, blush, eyeliner, false lashes, and bright red lipstick. You'll also need a black and white wig and some dalmatian-themed accessories to wrap up this look. It's very simple to achieve this look. You apply the white face paint, draw green half-moons above the eyes, add exaggerated brows, red lipstick, and you're ready to go. If you want, you may also add dalmatian patches on the neck, but it's optional.

Edward Scissorhands Makeup

Now, let's go a bit back in time. Born from Tim Burton's imagination, we have one of the '90's most beloved characters - Edward Scissorhands. You need pale foundation, a glue stick, lash glue, foundation, purple eyeshadow, and purple lipstick for this vintage look. Start off by blocking your eyebrows with a simple glue stick. After it dries, cover the brows with concealer, let it dry, and then cover the face with foundation. Next, you’ll need the lash glue to add scars and cover the face with a light foundation again. To finish off the look, you add purple eyeshadow around the eyes and a thin layer of lipstick on the mouth. To achieve the perfect effect, blend out the lipstick, and there you have it!

Sunburn Makeup

If you decide to add a summer feeling to the Halloween party, the Sunburn makeup look is the right choice. Although sunburns are never funny, they will definitely bring some laughter to this year's party. If you haven’t decided yet, this can be your last-minute look. This look saves time and money. All you need is red body paint. Yes, that’s right. You won’t need anything else. Put on a bikini, don a pair of sunglasses, and cover your whole body with the red paint, except the parts covered with the bikini and sunglasses. Move the bikini straps a bit, and every now and then, take your sunglasses off to show your burns.

Rainbow Vomit Makeup

The Rainbow Vomit made a real ‘boom’ on Snapchat a few years ago. Although the trend lasted for a short period, you can’t deny that it was iconic. This look takes its place on our list as a cute makeup look. Transform this idea into a makeup look with six rainbow color body paints and pink blush. First, you cover your face with foundation. Next, you focus on the mouth. Beneath the mouth, you draw the rainbow vomit look all the way to your neckline. On your cheeks and nose, you add the pink blush. You can also add a white eye pencil under the eye waterline to achieve the bigger-eyes effect, but it’s optional. We’re sure that you’ll trigger everyone’s memory with this cute and funny look.

Harley Quinn from ‘Suicide Squad’ Makeup

Another movie character takes a spot in our Halloween Makeup list. The crazy but fearless Harley Quinn is one of the most common Halloween looks. You’ll need red and blue chalks, red lipstick, black eyeliner, and red and blue eyeshadows to transform into this character. You start by covering your face with your favorite foundation. Next, take your eyeshadows, apply them to the eyes, and smear them as much as you can. The trick is to use more pigmented eyeshadows or cream-textured ones. Add the red lipstick and, again, smudge it too. The cherry on top is the tattoos that Harley wears on her face very stylishly. Draw them with the black eyeliner, and that’s it. Don’t forget about the iconic hair; paint it with chalks, and you’re ready to party; just don’t forget to bring the craziness with you.

Beetlejuice Makeup

Tim Burton succeeded in creating another character that calls for the perfect Halloween look. You won’t need to say his name three times because Beetlejuice will, of course, be there. You’ll need green hairspray, purple eyeshadow, white and green face paint, and tooth dye. Apply the white paint on your face and neck and let it dry a bit. After it’s dry, use the purple eyeshadow on the area around the eyes, then blend it a bit on the edges. Now, the green face paint comes into play. With a sponge, add the green color in some sections until you like how it looks. Lastly, remove the white paint from the mouth and apply the tooth dye to your teeth, and you’re ready to rock. Where's the fun in being a ghost if you can’t frighten people away?

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Owl Makeup

Owls are part of almost every fantasy movie, so why not use them as the perfect Halloween look? This look isn’t hard as it seems; in fact, it’s effortless. With a bit of brown and white face paint, black eyeliner, and some feathers, you’ll be transformed into an owl. Paint a feather look around the eyes with a combination of brown and white face paint(this can also be full-face makeup). You may also want to add black details with the eyeliner. Draw a triangle shape on the nose, and contour the cheeks. Cover the lips with black eyeliner and lurk into the night as a mysterious owl.

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Queen of Hearts Makeup

Bring the Alice in Wonderland villain, Queen of Hearts, to life with this unique makeup look. Use white face paint, blue eyeshadow, red lipstick, and eyeliner to achieve this timeless look. Start with covering your brows. Then, cover your face with paint or a very pale foundation, and draw thin black brows. Apply blue eyeshadow all the way up to the brows and next, focus on the mouth. If you want to imitate the Queen of Heart's mouth look, cover it with white face paint, and draw a heart shape with bright red lipstick. Put on a red wig, and you’re ready to go and break some hearts.

David Bowie Makeup

Bringing a dash of rock to the Halloween party is always a good idea. So, why not David Bowie? With this easy but unusual look, we’re pretty sure that all eyes would be on you. If you prefer, you can use red and blue cream eyeshadows instead of face paint. Put your everyday foundation on your face, and start applying the magic. Draw a lightning bolt shape with a thin brush. Next, fill it in red and add a shade to the bolt using blue. You can use light red lip-gloss for the lips, put on a wig if you like, and you're ready to rock the party!

The Sims Character Makeup

Are you a lover of the game Sims? If so, then you are definitely familiar with designing a character. You can choose their hair, facial features, clothes, and even their makeup. The best about this look is that you can experiment. You can create a natural, trendy, or bold look, depending on your mood. Just like the characters, you can contour your face however you want, as well as change some of your facial features. It’ll save you a lot of time, and it’s a great option if you don’t have an idea for a Halloween costume. Creating this makeup look will bring this all-time favorite game to life. So, why not be unique in your very own way?

Neon Tears Makeup

Do you need help with a Halloween makeup look? Do you want something to stand out from the crowd? The Neon Tears makeup look can definitely place all the focus on you. You can create a perfect look by using neon face paints, bright eyeshadows, and colorful eyeliners. Apply bright eyeshadow to your eyelids. You can also spice up this look by adding sparkles. Then, focus on the neon tears. They can be in the same color as the eyeshadow or use different colors if you want to be striking. Draw the tears with a thin brush and then fill them in; it's as easy as that. For the final step, use the neon colors as lipstick, and you’re good to go! We’re confident that this look will draw everyone’s attention. Enjoy the party!

The Purge Mask Makeup

Another neon makeup look that features on our Halloween makeup list is the Purge Mask. The Purge franchise is a great inspiration for a Halloween look, so let’s get down to business. If you want the neon colors to stand out, use black body paint. Another possibility is to use a foundation; it’s up to you. Cover your face with the paint or the foundation, and draw white crosses over the eyes and a stitched design across the mouth. After doing this, all you need is to take the neon colors and draw around the white lines. To fulfill this look and make it really look like a mask, you can circle your face with color. If you wanted a spooky costume, this makeup look achieves this with a light and attractive twist.

Comic Book Makeup

This Halloween season, Comic Book looks are very trendy. You can create this look at home with black and white and paint and bright colors. Block off the brows, cover your face with foundation, and set it with transparent powder. After doing this, paint cartoon brows with black paint and create face contours with the same color. Whether you want a happy or sad look, you can create whatever you want with simple brush strokes. If you go for a sad face, the essential details are tears. Draw them with a baby blue color and add white details as a contrast. Instead of applying bronzer and brush, achieve this effect differently. Draw pink or red dots above the contour lines. This effect would be even more striking if you contour the neckline and the hands. Choose one of our incredible looks and have an unforgettable Halloween party!

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