Bloggers Know No Limits: Youtuber Fakes Trip to Bali With Pictures Taken at IKEA

Luna Dawson

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A famous blogger came up with an exciting way to deliver a powerful message to her followers, which was, "Don't believe everything you see on social media.

Natalia Taylor

Youtuber Natalia Taylor posted photos on Instagram, where she appears to be living her best life while on vacation in Bali. Sounds like a dream, right? But after selling her picture-perfect vacay, she revealed that they weren't what they seemed.

One of the glamorous shots were of her lounging in a luxurious bath, popping a bottle of champagne. While in reality, she was posting from different sections of a nearby IKEA branch.

Natalia Taylor

The Youtuber went on to say that the point of this was to prove to everyone that you can really fake it until you make it, "Don't believe everything you see on social media."

You are all living the best life, you just don't know it.