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Foster Mom Surprised To Learn She Adopted Biological Siblings

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Katie was looking for a big change when she decided to grow her family. But after adopting her son, she noticed some bizarre similarities between him and the baby girl she was fostering. Here's Katie's unique story.

Meet Katie

By the time Katie Page had reached her 30s, life just wasn't what she'd expected. Her marriage had ended before her very eyes, and Page found herself starting all over again. But that also meant a whole new fresh start.

unique adoption story siblingsunique adoption story siblings
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While she wasn't certain about what the future would hold, Katie was open to a new path. And so, with nothing to lose and everything to gain, she embraced a new life as a foster mom with open arms. Little did she know how much it would change her reality...

A Fresh Start

Having come to terms with her divorce, Katie set her sights on creating a new life for herself and embracing life as a single woman. But suddenly, Alabama felt a little too familiar. So, the divorcé decided to pack things up and relocate to Colorado. There was no looking back...

foster story happy endingfoster story happy ending
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Katie scored a position at a construction company and found a new house shortly after. She lucked out on a large home that required a fair deal of renovation. And while Katie took on the DIY projects as a pleasant distraction, she couldn't help but notice the house was a little big for just one...

Feeling Lost

At first, the home renovations did the trick in taking Katie's mind off her recent heartbreak. From brand new floorboards to kitchen renovations, the new Colorado resident spent her free moments chipping away at her to-do list. But in the quiet moments, a sneaking feeling started to creep in.

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And while she tried to deny it, all the emotions came crashing in at once when she stopped and caught her reflection in the mirror. The woman that she saw looking back at her wasn't what Katie had hoped to see in her 30s. She couldn't deny that she was unsatisfied. But a surprise email would soon come to change everything.

The Seed Was Planted

As far as Katie was concerned, it was just a regular day at the office. But suddenly, she got an email from the local church that she'd just started attending. It was an invitation to an info seminar about becoming a foster parent. And just like that, it was like a lightbulb had gone off in Katie's head.

foster mom adopts siblingsfoster mom adopts siblings
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In need of a little push of motherly support, Page rang up her mom and asked her to come along to the info session. While Katie's mom was at first shocked by her daughter's sudden interest in fostering, she went along to show her support. The two of them walked through the church doors, unaware of what would come next.

Finding a Purpose

Little did she know at first, attending the info session on fostering was just the thing that Katie needed in her life at that moment. Her eyes and ears were glued on the presenter from start to finish as Page heard more about life as a foster parent. The whole thing was daunting - but she couldn't deny that she was intrigued.

katie page adopted siblingskatie page adopted siblings
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Thoughts about fostering consumed Katie's head 24/7. It seemed like someone had really given her a sign that this was the next step for her. But while she was connected to the idea, she was also wary. Could she juggle being newly single in a new town on top of fostering for the first time?

Becoming a Foster Mom

Eventually, Katie realized that, despite her nerves, becoming a foster mom was what she truly wanted in life. And there was no denying it. She dove in heart-first and gave herself 100% to the cause, ready to try her absolute best to be a positive force in a young child's life.

siblings happy adoption storysiblings happy adoption story
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With her new mission in mind, Katie set out to make her dreams come true. And as if all the stars were aligned, the eager applicant got her full application handed in on Mother's Day of 2015. With her fate in the hands of her local fostering agency, Page had no idea just how much this decision would change everything.

Eager to Make a Difference

With so many kids in need, it didn't take long for Katie's approved foster mom status to get put to the test - and she couldn't have been happier about it. In the beginning, Page opened her arms and her home to kids with particularly challenging situations. Many of them had experienced trauma in infancy.

adoption story happy endingadoption story happy ending
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These kids, in particular, needed an extra-sensitive home and gentle approach from Katie, who needed to adapt to each child's specific needs. And while many would see that as a struggle, it actually made Page realized that she craved something much less temporary. She couldn't believe the path on which she found herself.

The Path to Becoming a Mom

After experiencing the joys of welcoming four different foster kids into her life, Katie came to the realization that she wanted to switch gears and live a more permanent parenting life. And just as she was coming to terms with this new direction, Page soon found herself confronted with a unique opportunity.

beautiful adoption story truebeautiful adoption story true
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Up until now, the four children that Katie had fostered all came from challenging backgrounds and required their own special approach in care. It gave Page a deep understanding of how to be a good caretaker, and those very skills were about to be put to the test - with an unexpected twist.

A Baby in Need

Katie was already caring for a toddler when she got an unexpected call from her local social workers. They were in a bind and were hoping that Page would agree to take a newborn under her wing. The baby boy was left by his biological mother in the delivery ward just four days after he was born. But that wasn't all...

katie page adopted siblingskatie page adopted siblings
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Not only did the little angel not have a name, but the doctors and nurses looking after him were concerned after they realized he'd been exposed to illegal substances as a fetus. Luckily, he was in the clear, but was in serious need of a loving and safe home. But would it be Page's?

Rising to the Occasion

Fostering as a single woman had its limitations, and Katie already had a 14-month-old back at home. But upon learning about the unnamed baby's rough start in life, Page knew it was a no-brainer. And she knew just who to call for a little some much-needed backup...

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Katie's mom lovingly agreed to move in temporarily to help with the adjustment, so Page left the hospital with a week-old baby boy in her arms. And for the name? Katie chose Grayson, having connected to the idea that he came into her life by the grace of God. Little did she know that Grayson's past would soon come knocking.

Baby Bliss

Armed with the help of her mother, Katie found herself with an adorable little family of her own. For the next year or so, Page and her mom cared for their precious Grayson, while the local social workers scoured hospital records in hopes of locating the boy's biological mother.

grayson katie foster siblingsgrayson katie foster siblings
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Unfortunately, there wasn't much to go on. All that connected Grayson to his bio mom was her date of birth and first name from the newborn's hospital wristband. And while the agency was determined to find the mystery woman, they didn't know what shock awaited them.

Grayson Needed Her

As the months passed, it became clear to the social workers and Katie that Grayson's biological mom didn't want to be found. The whole ordeal was bittersweet for Page. On one hand, she was happy that Grayson was still in her home. But on the other side, she was heartbroken that such a precious boy had faced rejection so young.

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Heartbreak aside, Katie couldn't deny that she was a changed woman. Grayson wasn't like the other foster kids that had come into her home. She felt a deep connection to the baby boy as if she'd known him for years - and she knew that he needed her. It was clear: Katie was meant to be Grayson's mom. But how to make it official?

Adopting Grayson

So finally, one month before Grayson's first birthday, Katie's dream came true. On May 25th, 2017, she officially became the mother of her little boy. His new records showed him as Grayson Page, and it marked the beginning of a new chapter. And while this was just the beginning, Katie didn't want to rush into welcoming more kids.

katie page grayson adoptedkatie page grayson adopted
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Sure, Katie had way more love to give to other kids. But she wanted to give Grayson the time and attention he needed. Because of his biological mother's substance use during her pregnancy, Grayson displayed some physiological setbacks in comparison to the average baby. But less than a month later, Katie's phone rang.

Another Child in Need

The ink had barely dried on Grayson's adoption papers by the time the social workers called Katie with another child in need. The agency desperately needed someone to welcome a newborn girl into their home, and they trusted that Katie was the foster mom for the job.

woman fosters adopted siblingswoman fosters adopted siblings
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Oddly enough, this baby girl's profile was very similar to that of Grayson's. She was left at the very hospital where Grayson was born at the same age - just four days old. And, to make matters worse, she was found with the same substance exposure as Katie's son. Knowing how dire the situation was, Katie lept into action.

Taking a Risk

Katie's gut instinct in taking the baby home didn't make the decision any less challenging. She knew it was the right thing to do, but she couldn't help thinking about the challenges of having two babies under the age of two in her care. But despite the apprehensions, she moved forward with it.

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Safe to say that the social workers were relieved to hear that Katie was on board. And so, in the coming days, the foster agency brought the baby girl over to Katie's house for their first introduction. Page knew about the similarities between the baby and Grayson's stories, but another similarity quickly caught her attention.

Their Striking Similarities

Before she knew it, Katie was juggling two babies with disabilities under her care. And as the baby girl got settled into the new home, something caught Katie's eye. Her mind started working a mile a minute as it clicked: the bio mom's name on the girl's file was the same one that had been registered for Grayson's records.

inspiring adoption grayson katieinspiring adoption grayson katie
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Could it just have been a coincidence? If so, it was another in a long line of coincidence between the two babies - especially considering the uniqueness of the name. Following a hunch, Katie decided to check Grayson's birth records for good measure. And there, she found yet another bizarre similarity.

Connecting the Pieces

It took some digging, but Page eventually found her adopted son's paperwork. And there she saw it: the birth date listed for Grayson's birth mom was just one day off from that of the baby girl's birth mom's records. The idea was already buzzing in the back of Katie's mind, but it became clearer and clearer.

adoption grayson page siblingsadoption grayson page siblings
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Was it that far-fetched that the two kids under her care had the same biological mom? Katie couldn't help but piece all the coincidental similarities between the baby girl and Grayson together. She shared her theory with the social worker appointed to the cases, but Page was quickly shot down. But she didn't give up...

Getting Answers

As far as Katie was concerned, the similarities between Grayson and the little girl were too striking to just dismiss. The busy caretaker of two dove into research and eventually found the baby girl's biological mother after months of looking. And even better, she was willing to meet with Katie. Page needed the truth.

special foster adoption storiesspecial foster adoption stories
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As the two women met, the birth mom confessed to something huge that supported Katie's hunch. The woman admitted that prior to her daughter, she'd been pregnant once more and had left the baby at the hospital without any contact information. And on top of it all, Katie couldn't help but notice how similar she looked to Grayson.

Uncovering the Truth

With this new detail on the table, Katie reached out to the kids' social worker and set up a time for the baby's biological mom to share her story. Katie was hopeful, but she'd already heard from the agency that the likelihood of her theory being correct was pretty slim. But Page wouldn't let it go.

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In Katie's honest opinion, she felt she knew the two babies better than anyone. And as such, she knew that the similarities between them just couldn't be ignored. But in order to discover this mystery once and for all, she needed the social workers on her team. Then, one call changed everything.

"Katie, I Think You're Right"

It was just an average day at work for Katie when her cell suddenly began to ring. Recognizing the number, she answered the call and tried to contain her excitement. The kids' social worker had spoken with the girl's biological mom and came back in shock. "Katie, I think you're right," the agency worker blurted out.

katie grayson siblings adoptionkatie grayson siblings adoption
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The social worker couldn't believe what she was admitting. But it was true. She'd sat down with the birth mom and heard her account of the events. "Her story breaks my heart, and I can't believe it, but I am 90% sure you're right, and this is a miracle," she told Katie. Then just a moment later, she rang Page with more news.

They Were Long-Lost Siblings

Just an hour after breaking the news to Katie, the social worker rang the foster-adoptive mom back with more certainty. After combing through the records once more, she was able to say with complete certainty that the two babies were 100% related and shared the same biological mother.

katie page adoption storykatie page adoption story
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Without even realizing it, Katie had opened her heart and home to two biological siblings. While the physical similarities between the brother and sister weren't very strong, Page could see their unique connection and could believe that they'd ended up together under her care.

The Results Are In

After all the speculation and theorizing, Katie was overcome with a wave of emotion and couldn't stop herself from crying. Despite being told "no" by the social workers, the determined mother stuck to her guns and solved the mystery. Page couldn't deny how special it was to have ended up with siblings by sheer luck.

katie page foster storykatie page foster story
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While the social worker's word was enough, Katie opted for a genetic test for Grayson and her baby just to be certain. And the DNA results didn't lie: the two kiddos were related by blood. With the mystery finally solved, Katie shifted her attention to the next task. And it was something she'd wanted to do for a while already.

Adopting Hannah

While the mystery of the siblings' connection had occupied Katie's time and energy, the proud mom had more than enough moments with the precious baby girl. It was clear to Page that she felt the same way about the sister as she had about Grayson. So, on December 28th, 2018, Katie adopted the girl and named her Hannah.

katie page adopted siblingskatie page adopted siblings
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The two siblings got along like a house on fire and quickly became inseparable. Now a mom of two, Katie watched the brother and sister complement each other's unique personalities. While Grayson was on the "chill" side, little Hannah was always keeping Page busy with her wild ways. But something else was coming...

The Full Picture

While eventually, the social workers working with the foster agency got on board with Katie's sibling theory, there was a valid reason why they'd had their reservations. Finding Hannah and Grayson's bio mom had been really challenging because she'd provided false information on Grayson's hospital records.

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But having solved the mystery, the foster agency had finally met with the mystery woman. And what's more, Katie herself had the chance to sit and talk with the birther of her children. When the two of them met, Page couldn't help but notice that the woman was pregnant for the third time. What did she have planned for this baby?

Planning the Next Step

When Katie first met with the woman who birthed Grayson and Hannah, she wasn't 100% certain about whether she wanted to see her birth children. But upon meeting Katie and seeing what an incredible mother she was, all her reservations melted away. And so, just a year after Hannah was born, a new baby arrived.

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Just like she'd done with the older two siblings, Katie stepped up and agreed to take in the newborn boy as his foster parent. In the back of her mind, she dreamt of adopting the little one as well, hoping to keep the two biological brothers and sister together under the same roof.

Welcoming Baby #3

So, in the weeks following his birth, Katie opened her home to the third and youngest sibling of her two kids. In her eyes, it just seemed like the right thing to do. "When [the baby] came along, I just felt the best I could give him are his family and siblings," Katie shared with Good Morning America.

katie page hannah graysonkatie page hannah grayson
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But it wouldn't be an easy ride. Due to incorrect details provided by the birth mother, Katie almost lost her chance to foster the baby. But to her relief, she became the legal guardian to Jackson on June 25th. "The minute I held him, I was so overjoyed," the mom of three gushed in her interview.

A Full Family

June 25th was a special day in the Page household. It was the day that Katie went from a mother of two to a mother of three by welcoming Jackson legally into the family. "This is their brother, this is their family," Katie explained to Good Morning America. And to top it off, the three kids had two more siblings.

family reunited adoption storyfamily reunited adoption story
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Two older girls, Taylor and Eadygrace, were related to Grayson, Hannah, and Jackson. They were adopted by a Floridian couple, Kacy and Dustin Whitney, who'd also tried to adopt the younger three kids as well. But no hard feelings, the siblings have all met and the Whitneys felt as though Page "is like a sister" now.

Making Room for More Love

With three young children, Katie went from 0 to 100 in the parenting department in just a couple of years after entertaining fostering. And the Colorado resident had absolutely no regrets. Her babies provided her with all the love and fulfillment in the world.

foster siblings reunited adoptionfoster siblings reunited adoption
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But what about romance? Well, the single mom didn't have hours to spare on dating apps, but she managed to meet a special someone by the name of Joshua. The United States Army veteran and Katie quickly bonded over their strong faith and love of kids. And it didn't take Joshua long to feel like he was part of the family.

Making Room for More

While many thought that the formal adoption of Grayson, Hannah, and Jackson would bring a level of quiet and stability into Katie's home, it's been just the opposite. The mom of three maintained the belief that she could always do her fair share to help a child in need, even after becoming a mom of three.

siblings reunited by fostersiblings reunited by foster
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And so, Katie's door stayed open to more foster kids in the months that followed. "Things just got crazy!" the caring mother shared on her Instagram. "Five kids 4 and under and 1 mama... It's going to be a wild couple of weeks filled with lots of love!" But is Page open to adopting more kids?

What's Next?

According to Katie, she's not certain either way when it comes to welcoming more children - either biological or adoptive. "We'll see, but I'm not getting any younger," the mother of three teased in a YouTube video. And she shared a similar outlook when it came to marriage. "[It's] definitely an option, I'm not opposed to it."

katie page adoption storykatie page adoption story
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For now, the busy mom has her hands tied with an active house. Besides juggling her three kiddos, Katie still regularly welcomes foster kids of all ages - even teenagers! While the future might not be set in stone, Page finally has the life of her dreams, and you can follow her adventure on Instagram at @woodandgraceblog.