Hailey Bieber Unveils Juicy Details About Meeting Justin for the First Time

Luna Dawson

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"There wasn't a thought that crossed my mind that I was like, yeah, he probably has a crush on me."


And just like fairytales, well some in anyway, Justin and Hailey's love story goes way back, and I mean like waaaaay back - to when they were teeny weeny teenagers. Oh, and that moment was immortalized by a video of their very first handshake on the red carpet.

However, despite how dreamy their first meeting may seem in retrospect, Hailey had little to no inkling that Justin would become her husband one day.

Mrs. Bieber appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where she reflected on the moment she first laid eyes on her man in 2009- she was just 13 years old. She explained, "We met when my dad took me to the Today Show while Justin was performing. He was no more than 15 years old. And yes, I know this may sound like an arranged marriage situation."

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The supermodel went on to explain how this was before Justin became super-famous and the Beliebers were yet to become the enormous fan army they are today! "I had just met my future husband and his mom. My father connected with his parents so we invited them over to our house for dinner the very next day." They went over and had supper together and after their meal, they all went bowling. Not too shabby for a first date, right?

But it goes to show that you never know what could happen in the future. A new acquaintance could turn into a close friend or even a spouse!