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This Viral TikTok Couple Has a 37-Year Age Gap

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After 60-year-old Cheryl crossed paths with 23-year-old Quran, neither of them expected to fall inlove. But they did, and now their relationship is causing a stir on Tik Tok. This is why...

Meet Quran

Meet Quran, a young man who lived in the southern United States in the beautiful state of Georgia. Quran was 23 years old at this time. But who he became as a person was shaped long before that.

tiktok quran cheryl relationshiptiktok quran cheryl relationship
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Quran's childhood wasn't all rainbows and butterflies. Difficulties at home caused him to want a better life for himself. This led the young man to study hard in school and work different jobs early on in life. It was one of these jobs that eventually led him to someone special.

A Tough Adolescence

Quran had some hurtful experiences early on in life that would affect his well-being well into adolescence. Not only were there troubles at home, but he also faced difficulties in school. Classmates bullied Quran and lowered his self-esteem at a young age.

quran cheryl relationship viralquran cheryl relationship viral
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But that wasn't all. Things were only made worse by the relationships he had at home. While Quran struggled with school bullies, he didn't have anyone to turn to outside of the school, either. But by the time he turned 15, he finally found the perfect escape: a job at Dairy Queen.

Meet Cheryl

Sure enough, the position at his local Dairy Queen brought newfound joy into Quran's life. The 15-year-old was surrounded by several cool coworkers, made some money, and built a routine for himself outside of school. But just when things were looking up, things took a sudden turn.

cheryl age gap relationshipscheryl age gap relationships
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Quran had a nice manager whose mom, Cheryl, sometimes stopped by the ice cream joint. She enjoyed coming into the local store and chatting a bit with the employees as well as some of the regular customers. Little did he know she was going to turn his world upside down...

They Became Friends

As time continued to pass, a special friendship between Quran, now 23, and Cheryl, 60, blossomed. But their connection went deeper than small talk: the pair bonded because they both experienced harsh judgment from others over the years. Quran had been bullied in school while she'd been bullied online. Why?

quran age gap tiktokquran age gap tiktok
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Unfortunately, she was teased for expressing herself. The elderly woman had made a TikTok account where she posted videos, often of her dancing. But users made fun of Cheryl and continually told her to stop posting. Contrarily, Quran felt otherwise...

Getting Closer

Sure, he was 23 and she, 60. But the pair could relate to each other better than they could anyone else. When the young man had heard about people bullying Cheryl online, he pushed her to keep on posting whatever she wanted. But that same friendly push soon morphed into a fast friendship.

viral dancing couple tiktokviral dancing couple tiktok
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Were they more than just friends, though? After all, Cheryl - a single mother who'd raised 7 kids all over 20 years old - was eager to find Mr. Right. While she'd felt fulfilled in many aspects, there was still one thing missing: a loving, romantic partner. Could Quran fill those missing pieces?

Going Viral

It certainly seemed that way. The two only continued to spend more and more time together - especially behind the webcam: the 60-year-old aspiring influencer began recording more videos dancing and lip-syncing. And thanks to Quran's support, one of her latest clips had raked in thousands of likes.

cheryl age gap couplescheryl age gap couples
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"I said to her that this is her thing, and for the first time, she got 8,000 likes," Quran recalled. "I told her to keep making more videos. We got on there and started making videos, and she went viral." But as they continued to put their names out there, they became more confused than ever before...

More Than Friends?

After all, what was really going on here? Cheryl and Quran had been spending their days attached at the hip, choreographing exciting videos for TikTok. But was there more to their fast friendship than synchronized dances? According to Quran, there was...

cheryl quran age gapcheryl quran age gap
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As he recalled, it wasn't long before he caught feelings. From their chemistry on camera to their common interests, their bond was simply undeniable. But how did Cheryl feel? Did she also have feelings? Or perhaps was Quran misreading all of the signals?

Their 37-Year Age Gap

Whatever the case may have been, Quran was falling, hard. His feelings for his dancing partner only grew stronger by the day. And he couldn't go on any longer without getting some answers. Did Cheryl feel the same? Sure enough, she did. But with that soon came a new thought...

cheryl age gap couplescheryl age gap couples
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Would they actually be able to maintain a relationship? After all, there was a major elephant in the room: a 37-year-age gap; something that left Cheryl with endless concerns. Quran was 23. She was a mother and grandma. Their lives were so different. They couldn't possibly date... could they?

They Started Dating

Not to mention, some of Cheryl's children were older than Quran. How would they feel about it all? And perhaps more importantly: was the 23-year-old even ready for something so serious? The two had endless questions they had to figure out before acting on any emotions.

age gap relationship viralage gap relationship viral
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As they say, though, opposites attract. Which meant that no matter how different their lives may have looked, Cheryl and Quran couldn't hold back on their feelings any longer. After much deliberation, the pair finally decided to give the romance a go. Little did they know, they were heading down a very slippery slope...

Coming Clean to the Online World

Cheryl and Quran's newfound chapter came with lots of risks. But the more the couple spent time together, the more they wanted to share their love with the rest of the world. They began posting together on both of their TikTok accounts. But would they ever be ready to make their couple's debut?

quran cheryl age gapquran cheryl age gap
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Sure enough, after much consideration, they were ready to announce their relationship to the online world. The couple was as happy as can be, surely their followers would share their same excitement - right? After taking to their webcam to make things TikTok official, they had no idea what awaited them.

Becoming TikTok Official

As the story goes, by 2021, Quran finally introduced his new lady to his TikTok followers. Together, they made their couple's debut as they danced in a lighthearted upload. "Best Friend," he captioned their clip. But how would the online world react?

age gap couple relationshipage gap couple relationship
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Sure enough, users were just as taken by their romance as Cheryl and Quran were. After all, the couple's relationship was a rare one. People had questions - lots of them. Their clip began to skyrocket, as eager followers rushed to share and comment on the viral post. But things were just getting started.

Reaching 1 Million Likes

Granted, it took users some time to wrap their heads around this relationship. Perhaps that's why Cheryl and Quran's video took off at lightning speed. They'd gone viral, welcoming over 543 thousand new followers. But their fame was only just beginning.

quran cheryl tiktok viralquran cheryl tiktok viral
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"We hit a million likes on our videos thank you, everyone," Quran proudly revealed in March of 2021. They couldn't believe it. Only as the couple continued taking to our feeds to share their love, they were about to learn the price of their newfound fame.

"I Hate Comments Like This"

What happened? Unfortunately, while the two were excited about their latest chapter, not everyone felt the same. And as the comments continued to grow on their posts, it wasn't long before the accusations started. As some users alleged, Quran's intentions perhaps weren't as pure as we thought.

quran cheryl relationship viralquran cheryl relationship viral
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"I hate comments like this," Cheryl confessed, after spectators began accusing Quran of using her for financial gain. "People hating on me while I'm just trying to enjoy life." Sadly, that wasn't where her troubles ended. In fact, they were just getting started.

The Accusations Continued

As Cheryl continued to stand by her man's side, skeptics continued to share their negative opinions. But that's not all they did. Several users went as far as to dig into the couple's past, including prior obstacles and secrets. Which led to another painful rumor...

cheryl quran age gapcheryl quran age gap
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As users soon alleged, perhaps Quran was lying about his sexual orientation and using Cheryl to hide behind it. But that's not where the viral rumors stopped. The couple's comment thread was flooded by endless accusations, including another one regarding Cheryl's finances...

Was Cheryl His Sugar Mama?

"Just working together for clout and money. Guy calls himself a king," one user soon alleged. "Secure that insurance money," wrote another. From questions about Quran's true feelings to doubting his sexuality, the accusations didn't stop. And it hurt.

age gap relationships quranage gap relationships quran
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Especially when it came to Cheryl. "She's old enough to be your grandma, and you dating this chick what..." another skeptic commented. Unfortunately, as the couple took to Instagram live to fight back at the painful rumors, it only fueled the flames even more.

"Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover"

"Bro we all know it's fake... u doin this to get followers," another user commented. "It's a fake relationship, they don't have a love story," alleged another. Cheryl and Quran were getting endless negative comments hurled their way. It was crushing.

cheryl quran age gapcheryl quran age gap
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When users weren't busy digging at their relationship, they were busy pointing out Cheryl's appearance. "It looks like she's about to turn to dust," one comment shaded. This was the final straw. Cheryl decided to hit back. "Don't judge a book by its cover. People are too farfetched. They say stupid [things]," she said.

Her Struggle With Mental Health

As Cheryl put it, "Looks have nothing to do with it... how can we help what we look like?" And she was right. Unfortunately, her emotions were even deeper than we realized. The 60-year-old star was busy battling inner demons, all while fighting back at hurtful users.

tiktok viral couple qurantiktok viral couple quran
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Despite standing up for herself, Cheryl felt completely unheard. Not to mention, at around the same time, she'd quit her job after being mistreated by one of her employers. She felt backed up against a wall. Unfortunately, those same feelings weren't going anywhere anytime soon.

She Was Kicked off of TikTok

Shortly after losing her job, Cheryl was met with even more bad news: She was banned from TikTok. Why? As the 60-year-old put it, she'd done nothing wrong. Unfortunately, after posting a video of herself dancing at a concert, TikTok had clearly felt otherwise. She was devastated.

cheryl age gap relationshipscheryl age gap relationships
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"Somebody [trying to] destroy me like that," the banned star cried on her boyfriend's Instagram live. She and Quran were simply shocked that their love was causing so much hate. Nonetheless, the couple was determined to stand together - no matter what.

Stronger Together

In fact, the more hurdles thrown their way, the closer Cheryl and Quran grew. As viewers soon noted, the smitten 23-year-old began referring to his girlfriend as "wifey." Was there more to their relationship than we realized? Viewers began speculating that they'd went ahead and tied the knot.

quran cheryl age gapquran cheryl age gap
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"Don't worry about how old my wife is," Quran hit back at negative comments. As he put it, "The bond I've created with [Cheryl] is amazing." Despite the cyberbullying the couple faced, they were committed to staying together. And as time carried on, they began to grow immune to the painful remarks.

"It Doesn't Bother Us"

There was no doubt about it: Cheryl and Quran's time in the spotlight was met with lots of obstacles. They couldn't catch a break. But in being put to the test, they learned to grow thick skin. "It doesn't bother us because it's not the truth; they're saying stupid stuff," Cheryl explained.

cheryl tiktok age gapcheryl tiktok age gap
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As she put it, "Age is just a number. We can't help who we love." And she was right. Despite being 60-years-old, the blogger seemed to be youthful at heart. From wearing trendy outfits to dancing to trendy music, Cheryl seemed to be living proof that indeed, age held no meaning.

People Defended Them

As Cheryl continued to stand up against the haters, she soon rallied an army of supporters. "People are just mean, you guys are adorable, don't let people ruin you it's not fun," one supporter soon wrote. Things were finally looking up for the happy couple.

cheryl viral age gapcheryl viral age gap
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As another user soon chimed in, "Y'all deserve HAPPINESS just like anyone else does! I hope y'all don't stop doing y'all." After facing endless negativity, people were rallying together to support Cheryl and Quran. Including a very famous celebrity...

Snoop Dogg Spoke Out

"Love is blind as you can c," Snoop Dogg soon spoke out on Instagram in support of the couple. The rapper had reposted one of Cheryl and Quran's videos, shedding light on the duo's remarkable love story.  "I appreciate it fr bruh this made my day like I'm crying real tears," Quran - a big fan of the artist - soon replied.

snoop cheryl quran viralsnoop cheryl quran viral
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Not only was Quran a big supporter of the celebrity, but Snoop's support also gave him and Cheryl the acceptance they craved. But the rapper wasn't the only famous Instagram account to speak out. Shortly after, several other popular accounts reposted their video - including Worldstar.

How Did His Friends Feel?

But with his relationship being talked about all over the internet, how did those who knew Quran best truly feel? As the 23-year-old proudly revealed, he still hung out with friends and family all the time. They even met Cheryl. But that's not where their support ended.

viral couple tiktok ageviral couple tiktok age
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Several of Quran's friends even appeared in his and Cheryl's TikTok videos. As a matter of fact, one of his closest friends even helped record lots of their content. While the star's relationship status may have changed, his life at home was still the same.

How Did Their Families Feel?

While Quran's friends welcomed his latest chapter with open arms, how did his family feel? Not to mention, how did Cheryl's children feel about her dating a 23-year-old man? The couple soon took to Instagram to answer those questions, only what they said soon shocked many users.

cheryl quran age gapcheryl quran age gap
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As they revealed, both of their families were supportive of their romance. Not only did Quran's parents approve, but so did Cheryl's 7 kids. It was a big relief to the couple to have their families on board. Unfortunately, though, as we already know, not everyone was supportive. And things soon took a painful turn.

Quran Spoke out Against Haters

Sure, their family and friends stuck by their side every step of the way. But as Cheryl and Quran continued to document their relationship online, the negative comments continued pouring in. Especially when it came to Cheryl. "Me defending my girl in the comments," Quran soon fired back in a video.

age gap relationship viralage gap relationship viral
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But that's not all he did. After taking to Instagram live on several occasions to address the hate, he and Cheryl soon decided to try something different. They formed their very own Facebook page, in the hopes of rallying together a group of supporters. But would their plan backfire?

Their YouTube Channel

The couple was pleased to see users flocking to their Facebook page. Not only did they manage to attract over 145 followers, but they soon decided to venture to other online platforms. On June 13, 2021, Cheryl and Quran started their very own YouTube channel.

controversial tiktok couple qurancontroversial tiktok couple quran
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Their very first video showed Cheryl happily dancing with her boyfriend at a concert. Only this time around, they made sure to do things differently. Not only did they disable the comments on their YouTube uploads, but they were determined to keep it a negative-free zone. Sure enough, they raked in over 165 subscribers.

An OnlyFans Account

From Facebook to YouTube, it was clear that the couple was eager to document their journey for the rest of us. But that soon left users with a new question: would they ever consider starting an OnlyFans account? Sure enough, the answer was very simple.

quran age gap couplequran age gap couple
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"No!" Cheryl quickly shot down the question. As the 60-year-old put it, she and her boyfriend had already shared enough intimacy on their other platforms. And while they were happy to express themselves, there were still certain aspects they wanted to keep private.

Keeping Their Heads Up

Safe to say, Cheryl and Quran's road to online stardom was nothing short of bumpy. But throughout it all, the couple managed to defy all odds and stick together - by each other's side. After all, age has no number. And they weren't going to let online users convince them otherwise.

cheryl quran tiktok viralcheryl quran tiktok viral
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The couple took extra precautions to block out the hate, including blocking several users on various platforms. And with the loving support of their family and friends? They had all the love they needed. They decided to keep their heads up and continue dancing on our feeds.

Moving Forward

Well, where are they now? Have Cheryl and Quran continued to defy all odds? Or perhaps did all of the negative comments drive a wedge between them? Fast forward to today, and the couple is still spreading their love on our feeds - one dance at a time.

age gap couple viralage gap couple viral
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From Instagram lives to spending quality time with family and friends, the unconventional couple has no plans on slowing down anytime soon. Whether it's another dancing skit or relationship Q&A, Cheryl and her 23-year-old boyfriend are just getting started...

What Next?

But while the couple's time on our screen is far from over, there's still one question that remains: what happened to Cheryl's TikTok? Will it ever be revived? From the looks of it, unfortunately not. The only updates on the dancing platform are coming straight from her boyfriend.

Cheryl Quran age gapCheryl Quran age gap
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That being said, be sure to follow Quran's TikTok account, @ttvleolove_3, to keep tabs on the happy couple. They can also be found on Instagram: @leolove_3 and @therealoliver6060. While we can't say what the future has in store, we're expecting great things - and lots of dancing!