Woman Uncovers Boyfriend's Triple Life With 1 Wife, 2 Fiances and Multiple Girlfriends

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Facebook via Cecily Steinmetz

"I was sickened by it. I wanted everyone to know," Cecily revealed about the moment she learned the truth about her fiancé. Prepare for a rollercoaster ride of truth, lies, and chaos in the heart of Texas. Here's her story.

Leading a Triple-Life

Cecily Steinmetz led a happy life with the man of her dreams. He was the love of her life- or so she thought. But that all came crashing down one fateful day when she received a text message that sent shockwaves throughout.

Cecily, Jason, Texas, Affair
Facebook via Cecily Steinmetz

"I thought I should be able to believe him," she said about the man she had come to love so much. But the truth was far from that. As it turned out, Cecily's so-called fiancé had been living a triple-life, plagued by endless secrets. Hang on while we rehash her unbelievable journey.

Enter Cecily

To fully grasp the revelation that rocked Cecily’s world, we have to go back to the beginning. In 2020, Cecily Steinmetz was a heartbroken woman. She had just filed for divorce from her husband and felt sure that she would never love again. But at 39-years old, she still yearned for someone.

Cecily Steinmetz, Texas, Affair
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But would she be lucky enough to find love? While living in Amarillo, Texas, Cecily felt unsure of where her future was going to lead and who would be part of it. She had no idea that waiting for her was indeed a new love interest - and also a new kind of heartbreak.

Her Search for Love

But the single mother was tired of the loneliness that she felt without a partner. So that same year, she took to the internet in an attempt to find what could be love. She spent night after night scrolling through dating sites and apps. She had never met someone online before, but it worked for other people. Why not her?

Cecily, Jason Collier, Texas
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And one fateful night, as she worked through dozens of profiles, a notification popped up on the screen. Cecily’s heart skipped a beat. Someone had matched with her. Who could it be? She took a deep breath and opened her inbox, eager to see what was inside.

Jason Matched With Her

"Looking for friendship and then more from there! Not looking for a hookup," was the description on this newcomer's profile. His name was Jason - a good-looking 41-year old. Cecily wanted to know more, but she felt apprehensive too. Was he too good to be true?

Cecily, Jason, Triple life
Facebook via Cecily Steinmetz

But the descriptions on his bio were working hard to dissuade her doubts. Jason was selling himself as an open book, someone who only wanted to "build trust... sincere conversation." Sadly, Cecile would one day discover that this was far from the truth.

He Claimed He Was Also Divorced

But at that point, Cecily had no idea what was in store for her. All she knew was that she had matched with a charming man, and she couldn’t wait to possibly meet him in person. The two strangers struck up a conversation via messaging, and she soon discovered that they had many similarities.

Jason Collier, Texas, Affair
YouTube via Dr. Phil

"He made a really big deal to tell me that he had been divorced since 2016," she explained. He detailed his past heartbreak and the fact that he had spent the four years in between "working on himself, personal insight type of work" in his words. And now Jason Collier was ready to find love again.

Their Instant Connection

The next few weeks were a whirlwind as the two strangers became better acquainted with each other. Soon enough, they had a familiarity Cecily hadn't expected. Almost all of their spare time was spent in contact with each other. "We were talking on the phone, texting, and everything," Cecily recalled.

Jason, Cecily, Affair, Texas
Facebook via Cecily Steinmetz

And as time went on, she had to admit that she already had feelings for the mystery man, even though they had yet to meet in person. "There was an immediate connection, it was just comfortable talking to him," Cecily said. "He's charming and disarming at the same time."

His Ties to the Police Department

As if that wasn't enough, when Jason Collier wasn't perusing the internet for dates, he was working as the chief of the Stinnett Police Department. "That put me at ease that he was a police officer… I thought they definitely were held to a higher standard," Cecily admitted.

Jason Collier, Affair, Texas
YouTube via Dr. Phil

The way she saw it, Jason spent his life fighting for justice, and being chief of police meant he must have a strong moral core. And naturally, she assumed that his morality extended outside of the workplace. "I thought I should be able to believe him - at the time, I had no reason not to." But she had a reason soon enough.

Making Things Official

Cecily and Jason were falling for each other, there was no doubt about that. "Things were going fast in our relationship," she admitted. After just a few dates together, the two new lovebirds were practically obsessed with each other. And it could only mean one thing…

Jason, Cecily, Triple life
Facebook via Cecily Steinmetz

In January 2021, the two lovers went out for dinner at a local restaurant in Amarillo. It was a romantic night, and what happened next only seemed right. "We were going to be exclusive to each other. I was so excited," Cecily said. But it wasn't going to be that simple.

She Posted Pictures of Them Online

From that moment on, Cecily Steinmetz was living in absolute bliss. She was ecstatic to be in a relationship with such a charming and impressive man. She knew she wanted to share the news with everyone. "We had a picture taken of us, and I told him I was going to post it on Facebook," Cecily shared. "That made him really happy."

Jason, Cecily, Facebook, Exposed
Facebook via Cecily Steinmetz

But that was when everything took a turn for the worst. "After I posted the picture of us on Facebook, things kind of hit the fan," Cecily admitted. What should have been an exciting new step for the couple soon spiraled into a nightmare for the love-struck woman.

He Looked Familiar to Her Friend

And it all happened quickly. "The next morning, a friend of mine texted me asking for his name," Cecily explained. The friend had recognized Jason but wasn't sure how. She got in touch with Cecily to discuss the uncanny feeling. Where did she recognize her friend's new beau?

Jason, Cecily, Affair, Texas
Facebook via Cecily Steinmetz

Her friend racked her brain and soon enough came to a conclusion. Suddenly Cecily was being message-bombed. But what could it possibly be? "She sent me a post where Jason wished his wife a happy anniversary in September 2020," Cecily said. And no, it wasn't the ex-wife he had mentioned. It was a different woman.

He Said It Was Just an Annulment

Cecily couldn't believe what she was seeing. "I was crushed... I posted a picture of being in a relationship with a married man," the crestfallen woman explained. It seemed that her perfect new boyfriend was far from it. She knew she had to do something. "I immediately texted him, forwarding him all of these screenshots."

Cecily, Jason, Affair, Texas
YouTube via Dr. Phil

Now it was Jason's turn to explain. He gave her a short and straightforward answer. "That was his "other" ex [Opal], and the marriage was annulled," Jason told his suspicious girlfriend. But that wasn't enough for Cecily. After all, hadn't he told her he had been single since 2016?

He Always Knew What To Say

Cecily wanted nothing more than to trust the man she was falling in love with, but there was something about his stories that didn’t add up. And as it turned out, Jason’s supposedly annulled marriage wasn’t the only thing that left her feeling insecure and uneasy.

Jason Collier, Affair, Texas
YouTube via Dr. Phil

Because Jason almost always had a convenient explanation. And when he didn't, he always had an excuse to avoid whatever topic she pressed him on. "An undercover operation," "he was called back into the office," "he was making excuse after excuse for not wanting me to come up to his house," Cecily said.

They Went Away Together

But as January 22 approached, Cecily found herself letting go of all her suspicions. That morning, there was a knock on her door. Who could it be? It was Jason, with a box of donuts in hand and another surprise. He wanted to take her on a short vacation away from their town.

Cecily, Jason, Triple life
YouTube via Dr. Phil

Cecily was startled and happy, and she found herself doubting her initial distrust and confusion. So she agreed and took her children to school before meeting up with Jason. They got in the car and drove five hours to Taos, New Mexico. She had no idea how much things would change.

He Popped the Question

But back to the getaway. The (mostly) happy couple reached New Mexico, and Cecily couldn't help but feel deeply smitten with her charming boyfriend. "I fell in love with him that weekend," she admitted. They enjoyed a lovely dinner and consummated their love soon after. "He was everything I had hoped for," she said.

Jason, Triple life, annulment
YouTube via Dr. Phil

Her suspicions were replaced by pure love, and Jason told her he felt that same. So much so that "during the entire weekend, Jason was talking about marriage," Cecily revealed. "He never officially asked to marry me… he wanted to wait until he got me the ring I wanted… he was going to get me one and propose."

Her Suspicions Continued

Cecily finally felt like she had found true love after years of disappointment. She was excited about his ideas for marriage and could barely contain her happiness at the thought of being his wife. But unfortunately, Cecily soon realized that those feelings were short-lived.

Cecily, Texas, Affair, Scandal
YouTube via Dr. Phil

Not long after being dropped off in Amarillo, Cecily's uneasy feelings had returned in full force. "I still had a gut feeling about him, that something wasn't right. I just didn't know what," Cecily shared. It had only been half an hour since returning home, and she called him. What ensued was a nasty argument.

The Break-Up

Their relationship had suddenly taken a 180-degree turn. "Hours earlier, he told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, and now he wants to put the brakes on our relationship," she said about the heated fight that occurred. "He told me that I was belittling him, and he wasn't going to put up with it."

Jason, Texas, Affair, Opal
YouTube via Dr. Phil

But Cecily also felt she was being belittled, and she wasn't going to put up with it either. "I unloaded on him with all of the questions and red flags I had," she said. She finally decided to trust her instincts. "I told him that he's nothing but a liar and not to contact me ever again."

Kristi Enters the Picture

Despite her heartbreak, Cecily was ready to put the episode behind her. "I was done with him and chalked it up to a bad memory," she said of the period that followed. Jason Collier was in the past, and she had every intention of keeping him there. But fate disagreed with her decision.

Kristi, Jason Collier, Cecily
Facebook via Kristi Shaffer

Not long after, she was contacted by another curious friend. "She told me that she had found a post on the Stinnett Police Department Facebook page from a Kristi Shaffer about two weeks ago," Cecily explained. This was where Cecily's story really took a turn. Who was this mysterious woman?

She Was Also His Fiancée

So Cecily took a look at the post and was stunned and horrified by what she saw. Right before her eyes, in a single stranger's Facebook post, she was seeing all of her previous fears and insecurities come to life. Her ex-fiance had been lying to her, just as she suspected.

Kristi, Jason, Affair, Cecily
Facebook via Kristi Shaffer

The Facebook post was more like a love letter, written to Cecily's former beau. "The post said something like this is the most fair and equitable man I've ever met," she said. And when the horrified woman dug even further, she discovered that Shaffer's profile was of herself and Jason Collier - looking completely in love.

Exposing Him Online

Cecily knew she had to do something. So she reached out to Kristi, who was equally upset by the revelation. "We both realized we've been played by the same man," Cecily confessed. Despite the fact that she had ended the relationship, the truth was still devastating to her. And she knew she needed justice.

Cecily, Jason Collier, Facebook
Facebook via Cecily Steinmetz

She began acting fast. "I was sickened by it. I wanted everyone to know this man is a cheater," Cecily explained of the actions she took next. "I posted about him on the Stinnett Police Department Facebook page." In her eyes, everyone needed to be warned about Jason Collier.

Investigating His Annulment

Soon Cecily and Kristi’s truth was spreading through Facebook like a Texan wildfire. Everyone was hearing about his lies, but it was another small detail that captured the attention of local law enforcement. Jason had sworn he had annulled his previous marriage and had paperwork to prove it.

Jason, Cecily, Annulment, Affair
Facebook via Cecily Steinmetz

But was that true? Because if it wasn't, Collier was looking at far more serious trouble than social media drama. If the chief of the Stinnett Police had forged his annulment documents, he could be looking at jail time. And soon enough, Cecily Steinmetz's story led to a police investigation.

He Was Guilty Of Forging the Documents

And on January 28, 2021, less than a week after their breakup, the story of this controversial man and his furious ex-partners had gone completely viral. And as it turned out, the legal suspicions were true as well. Jason Collier’s annulment documents were “a fake,” according to Judge Doug Woodburn.

Jason Collier, Annulment, Affair
YouTube via Dr. Phil

The legal machine was in motion, and it was no surprise that the Stinett police chief was forced to step down and face the music. Not only did he lose his job, but he was brought up on charges of forging a government record. As a result, he was placed on bail for $10,000.

Another Woman Called Him Out

By that point, Cecily didn’t know what to think. On the one hand, she was glad she had trusted her gut instincts in the end. But on the other hand, it tormented her to think that it had all been true. But her rollercoaster month was far from over. Another woman had stepped forward.

Jason Collier, Texas, Affair
Facebook via Cecily Steinmetz

"So, I'm one of his girls, apparently," Katie Berry Carter revealed. She had come across Cecily's post and could hardly believe what she was seeing. Her boyfriend, Jason, being named and shamed on social media. "He came to see me in Abilene the weekend of [January] 15th. Said he was on assignment… in Oregon."

Jason Collier Went Viral

All those months ago, Cecily could never have expected how one simple notification could turn her life upside down. And she wasn’t the only one who was stunned and confused by the unusual situation. After sharing her story with the world, the world responded.

Jason Collier, Dr. Phil
YouTube via Dr. Phil

The whirlwind romance of Cecily Steinmetz and Jason Collier had gone viral. It made sense that so many strangers around the world had an opinion. After all, the web of lies and deception that Jason Collier had spun seemed like something out of a movie.

Jason Was Dating 7 Women

But as people across the internet reacted to the strange story, many began to wonder - what did the man himself have to say about the situation? And on March 24, 2021, Jason Collier sat down and answered their questions opposite famous reality tv host Dr. Phil. So what did he say?

Dr. Phil, Jason, Affair
YouTube via Dr. Phil

As it turned out, the truth was somehow even more shocking. Jason fessed up to what he’d done and admitted more than anyone had expected. All along, he had been seeing 7 different women, not just 4. There was Cecily, Kristi, and Katie - but there was also Heather, Brenna, and Christie. And if that wasn’t enough, Jason had a wife.

He Was Unhappy In His Marriage

His wife, Opal, had no idea of the extent of his betrayal. After years of marriage and raising children, everything had fallen apart seemingly overnight. But according to Jason, it had been building up for a long time. He even admitted that in his mind, their marriage had crumbled years ago.

Jason Collier, Affair, Texas
YouTube via Dr. Phil

One of the main issues was that his wife had a significantly higher salary. She provided most for their family, and he couldn't deal with it. "She was holding that over my head," he insisted. But whether that is true or not, we will never know. What we do know is that on February 21, 2021, Opal Collier filed for divorce.

His Status With His Mistresses

So now that Jason’s marriage is over has he decided to fully commit to one of his other girlfriends? You might be surprised to hear that he has officially cut ties with the six other women in his world. He’s decided to try the single life, and he seems satisfied with it.

Jason Collier, Affair, Texas
YouTube via Dr. Phil

On his reality show, Dr. Phil asked the single father if he's interested in pursuing a committed relationship with any of his former lovers, but Jason responded with a resounding "No." He clarified his answer, saying, "I lied to them." He could never go back to a normal relationship after how he treated them.

His Main Regret About His Former Flings

He even spoke out to the woman he had wronged, "If they would accept it, I would like to apologize to them," an emotional Jason told Dr. Phil. "I'm sorry for lying to them, misleading them." But the truth was that Jason had more people to apologize to than the women he had dated.

Jason Collier, Affair, Texas
Facebook via Jason Collier

Because while he was taking up time in these women's lives, he had also been embraced by the families of these women - in particular, their children. "For a few of them, I did meet their kids," he admitted. "I'm sorry to the kids as well that you know I became part of their life."

Did Opal Really Call Cecily

But what had happened to Cecily? After finding out the shocking news and experiencing life as a viral sensation, she was still reeling. But there was still one mystery in her mind - when Cecily had asked about his annulment, she had actually spoken to his “ex”-wife on the phone. But had it really been Opal?

Jason, Cecily, Opal, Affair
YouTube via Dr. Phil

But Jason eventually admitted the truth. It really had been Opal Collier who had spoken to Cecily over the phone. He used some professional deception to get her on the other end of the line. "I convinced Opal to contact her… that it was part of an undercover thing… that I needed [Cecily's] information," he admitted.

Back To Dating Online

So what next for Jason Collier? His entire world had been rocked, moving from respectable police chief, husband, and father to one of the most scandalous figures in his state. In his own words? "I went from having everything to having nothing." So how is he going to deal with his new life?

Jason Collier, Cecily, Affair
YouTube via Dr. Phil

Well, these days, Jason has already set to work on building a new life, and that includes finding new love. That's right: He's back to online dating. "I work on my family ranch, have 2 kids, and currently separated," his bio reads. "I gotta have you know some sort of attention," he admitted about the situation.

Cecily's Final Thoughts

Cecily Steinmetz could never have known how much one right swipe would change her life. All she had wanted was the chance to find love, but she ended up heartbroken and stuck in the midst of an online scandal instead. But there’s still one question she wants an answer to.

Cecily Steinmetz, Affair, Annulment
YouTube via Dr. Phil

"Why would you do this to so many women?" Cecily asked after the dust settled. "Why did you tell so many women that you are a Godly man and you want a relationship? ... You pushed the idea of marriage on so many women when clearly you had no intentions of it." Well, only Jason Collier can answer that...