The Day Has Come: JoJo Siwa Is All Grown Up, and Has a New Man!

Genevieve Scott

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For most of us, we can't help but wonder what the 17-year-old phenomenon is up to when she's not busy sporting rainbow tutus and oversized bows. Well, it appears JoJo Siwa is all grown up, after all - and with a boyfriend!

It all started back in February, when the colorful star was spotted spending a lot of time with a new mystery man. One month later, the star bared all to E! News, and it appears we've finally got our answer, folks.

Instagram via Seventeen Magazine

"Elliot is his name, he has been a family friend of mine for, oh gosh — I’ve known him since he was eight! Since I was eight,” she explained. "He’s an awesome kid, and his family is the nicest people ever, and we’ve been friends for forever," Siwa continued.

Sure enough, just last week, even more fuel was added to the fire, as the unapologetic star posted a very shady Tik Tok video.

The Frisky

So, what went down? Just last week, the Tik Tok world was left in the ultimate frenzy, after a fan asked the international star to prom. "I would, but I'm taken," the singer replied. I don't know about you guys, but I think that pretty much sums it all up.

What do you think?! Be sure to stay tuned for all of the latest updates.